Thieves smash glass to steal $500,000 in jewelry from Cary Towne Center, video shows

The owner of a North Carolina jewelry store is missing about $500,000 worth of jewelry after two thieves smashed the glass door and stole some of the store’s most valuable pieces, surveillance video shows.

The surveillance videos show two men smashing the glass door of Artisan Jewelers, located inside Cary Towne Center mall, around 5 a.m Monday with what looks like a large rock or concrete block. Both men appear to be wearing dark-hooded sweatshirts.

The two then move toward the six showcases that contained some of the store’s most valuable pieces of jewelry, store owner Malik Saeed told CBS 17.

"Several showcases, they do have $100,000 to $200,000 worth of stuff in there, and every single thing is gone," Saeed said to CBS 17.

"They did their homework. They've been in the store before. They knew what kind of showcases they should target."

The thieves stole an estimated $500,000-worth of jewelry, including Rolex watches, gold and diamonds, according to local news reports.

The surveillance videos show one of the thieves opened a showcase with what looks like a crowbar or a hammer and then dumped jewelry into a bag the other was holding.

Saeed told ABC 11 a few drops of blood were found at the store. He said he believed one of the thieves might’ve cut himself even though he was wearing gloves. Cary police collected blood samples at the scene, Saeed said.

One of the thieves has a distinctive walk, the videos show.

The store is offering a reward, the store announced on its Facebook page.

Saeed told ABC 11 he wasn’t sure about the future of his business, since he isn’t sure how much of the loss will be covered by his insurance.

"It's not only me,” Saeed said to ABC 11. “I have five employees over here. How are we going to get back on track and make sure we take care of everybody the way we normally do? It's a massive loss.”

The store said it would re-open in a few days after the mess is cleaned up and inventory is checked, according to Facebook post.

The thieves first broke into a vacant store in the mall and then headed for Artisan Jewelers, ABC 11 reported.

Cary police is investigating.