‘Big Brother’ star Christmas Abbott arrested and charged with felony

Christmas Joy Abbott.
Christmas Joy Abbott. Tampa Police Department

Former “Big Brother” star Christmas Abbott, a competitive CrossFit athlete and owner of CrossFit Invoke gym in Raleigh, was arrested in Tampa, Florida, in August for an attack aimed at a woman who was having a relationship with the father of Abbott’s then-unborn baby.

Abbott, 8 months pregnant at the time, was arrested on Aug. 18 after repeatedly ramming her Mercedes SUV into a parked Honda sedan owned by Samantha Jane Morse of Tampa. Abbott was charged with criminal mischief greater than $1,000, a third-degree felony.

According to a police report obtained by The News & Observer, Abbott went to a CrossFit gym on 24th Street in Tampa on Saturday, Aug. 18, to confront Morse. She asked Morse if she was involved with Benjamin Bunn, a fitness trainer who is the father of Abbott’s child. When Morse asked her to leave, Abbott threw Morse’s iced coffee across the room and called her a “pathetic home-wrecking little slut,” the police report said.

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Morse also told police that Abbott screamed at Bunn, who was present. Bunn is the owner of the Cigar City CrossFit where the encounter took place.

Abbott, 36, left the gym and an eyewitness saw Abbott, in her SUV, strike the sedan and then place the SUV in reverse and strike the sedan again, according to the police report.

Arresting officer John Gordon wrote in his report that when he arrived at the scene, Abbott was standing outside across from the gym and waved him down. When he asked her what happened, he said Abbott started crying and told him that she just “lost it” and crashed into the car because the owner of the car was cheating with her child’s father.

Christmas Abbott
Christmas Abbott, a CrossFit star from Raleigh, came in third in the 2017 edition of CBS’s “Big Brother.” Sonja Flemming CBS

Abbott was taken to the Orient Road Jail in Tampa but not processed there because of her pregnancy. The case was filed with the state attorney’s office. Abbott was booked on Nov. 6 and released on her own recognizance.

People Magazine reported that Abbott’s baby boy, Loyal Atticus Abbott, was born on Oct. 8 in South Carolina.

Officer Gordon said that Abbott, who had a North Carolina driver’s license, screamed at the victim during the interview on Aug. 18, and that he had to warn her several times to calm down. He said she was “flailing her hands” and at times she would cry. The officer said he was afraid she would “got into a fit of rage” so he grabbed her right hand and told her she would be placed in handcuffs if she continued.

Gordon wrote: “The suspect apologized for her outburst and compliance was immediately gained. The suspect told me that it hurt her feelings being cheated on.”

Abbott’s Mercedes SUV, which has North Carolina plates, was seized and a forfeiture was placed on it.

Abbott moved to Tampa for baby’s father

In an interview with The News & Observer in May, Abbott said she and Bunn started dating in October 2017, but had met the year before at a charity event. Bunn is a former Army paratrooper and a CrossFit athlete.

“We were just kind of friends for a long time and then started dating,” Abbott said at the time. “We’re both kind of surprised by this and we have the same goals and aspirations for this, and that is to be amazing parents, to have an awesome, healthy, loving relationship, and make this our own journey and not have to conform to traditional expectations.”

Abbott relocated from Raleigh to Tampa, but said she was returning to Raleigh ”about once a month” for business.

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Abbott is the author of two CrossFit books and was one of three finalists in Season 19 of the CBS reality show “Big Brother.” She badly broke her foot in the second episode of the season — 10 broken bones, four dislocated bones and a ligament that had to be reconstructed. Surgeons had to use a donor bone in one place, and Abbott was told she would not regain full mobility, effectively ending her competitive CrossFit career.

Christmas Abbott in the "Big Brother" house. Monty Brinton CBS

Before “Big Brother,” Abbott worked as a civilian contractor in Iraq in 2004, started Crossfit training in 2006 and became the first woman to work in a NASCAR pit crew in 2012.