A bagel-shop owner apologizes for using a racial slur to describe Wake’s new sheriff

Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker has asked his staff to avoid a Fuquay-Varina bagel shop after the owner was heard in an audio recording using a racial slur against him.

A recording of William Myers, who owns Bagels Plus, was posted on social media Friday.

Baker, who was elected this fall, noted the controversy during a news conference Friday when he announced the end of Wake’s participation in a controversial immigration program.

“I don’t want our members to patronize a business that feels that way about law enforcement,” Baker said. “I talked with the police chief in Fuquay-Varina, and the chief felt the same way.”

Myers apologized in a lengthy Facebook post Friday afternoon. He admitted to using a racial slur and said he supports law enforcement.

“Yes, I used the n-word inappropriately, and that was wrong and I know it,” Myers wrote. “It’s not a word I use in normal conversation. ... It was inappropriate and should never have been spoken.”

In the recording, a man can be heard calling Baker a racial slur, a “low-life” and a “schemer.”

“Can you believe it?” the man said. “No, this guy is a low-life. He was there for 26 years and he only made deputy, I mean sergeant.”

Baker, a Democrat, retired from the sheriff’s office after more than two decades. In November, he defeated longtime Republican incumbent Donnie Harrison. Harrison is white.

In his Facebook post, Myers said he supported Harrison in the election.

A Twitter user posted the recording early Friday morning, saying Myers “accidentally” called his friend’s phone and left a message in which the racial slur was used.

Myers, who could not be immediately reached for comment, said in the Facebook post that he used the slur during a “personal conversation in my home where we were discussing politics.”

“I’m not denying I used that word what I’m saying is I know it was inappropriate to use it,” he wrote. “But anyway it should have never been said.”