Are we safe? New project examines North Carolina’s fears and concerns

It’s after midnight, and you can’t fall asleep.

You think about the safety and security of your family, job, home, health and so many other things. You wonder about the leaders and laws in place to protect you.

The question at the core of those worries:

Are we safe?

Throughout this year, journalists at The News & Observer and The Herald-Sun will examine the concept of safety and security in the Triangle and throughout North Carolina by looking beyond the traditional lens of crime. We’re inviting you to be part of this process.

What keeps you up at night? We’re listening, and we’ll use your comments and input to report on real risks, hold leaders and politicians accountable — and explore how we can become our own best watchdogs.

Here’s how it works

Share your questions and concerns with us in the form below (online at https://bit.ly/2UA0BO0). Please include your name and a way to reach you. When we tackle your question, we’ll contact you, keep you updated, and even see if there’s a way you can be involved in exploring the answers.

Curious about what keeps people around the region up at night? See our recent poll, conducted by Elon University researchers, on the top issues and concerns of North Carolinians at https://bit.ly/2DcDDlh.

Our journalists will investigate and we’ll share — through data, interviews, stories and images — what we learned with you.


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