NC servers strike gold waiting on YouTube star after he leaves tips worth thousands

A pirate didn’t visit two North Carolina restaurants Tuesday. It was a YouTube star that left servers tips that looked like they could have been taken from a treasure chest.

After going to The Scullery and Sup Dogs in Greenville, the YouTube star known as MrBeast left golden bars for tips, WNCN reported.

The gold bars are valued at $7,000 each, according to WNCT.

One way to determine the approximate value of the gold is based on an engraving that said it weighed 4.96 ounces, based on a photo shared by Sup Dogs on Instagram.

The price of gold Tuesday was $1,330.30, according to APMEX.

MrBeast made it easy at The Scullery, where he wrapped the gold in a napkin on which he scrawled a note that said “$7,000 in gold, ur tip,” according to the restaurant’s Facebook post.

The post also included a photo of the server holding the note and gold, with the caption that said, “MrBeast stopped by for a glass of water and left a $7,000 gold bar as a tip!!”

This is not the first time MrBeast has left a generous tip for some water.

In 2018 he ordered two glasses of water at Sup Dogs, and left his waitress a stack of cash that totaled $10,000, the News & Observer reported.

“He had a few sips, then left $10,000 in cash on a table, with a note that said ‘thanks for the delicious water,’ “ said Sup Dogs owner Brett Oliverio, according to the newspaper.

In that instance the waitress, East Carolina student Alaina Custer, told the News & Observer she kept part of the tip and split the rest with her colleagues.

MrBeast’s YouTube page includes a number of videos of him giving away money, or offering it to people in return for completing a challenge.

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