Today’s emu update: Big bird was spotted, but officials failed to capture it

File photo of an emu.
File photo of an emu. jbell@thesunnews.com

That pesky big bird was at it again this morning.

Authorities in Orange County had a lead on their wayward, roaming emu Thursday morning. But despite their best attempts, the officials, joined by some from Chatham County, still didn’t find the emu.

Orange County Animal Services received a call from a homeowner on the Orange-Chatham county line that the bird was in their backyard. But the emu retreated back into hiding before officials could get there to wrangle it.

It was the first report from a resident in a week, which animal services spokeswoman Tenille Fox said was surprising considering the media frenzy that the emu has caused. She also said there have been no claims on the bird from emu owners in the area.

Animal services is still urging people to stay away from the bird if you see it, unless you are capable of safely containing it inside a fence or something similar.

“We’ll most likely need natural containment, something like a pasture with a fence, to confine him enough to get him into a trailer,” Fox said.

While Fox said that they are worried that the bird is not doing well in the heat, they imagine that it is staying near a body of water. An adult emu requires at least a gallon of water per day.

If you see the emu, call:

Orange County Animal Services: 919-942-7387

Chatham County Animal Services: 919-542-7203

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