Police video shows drug suspect was alive when he left station. He died a few hours later.

Raleigh releases first video showing man did not die at police station

A court order on Friday allowed Raleigh police to make public a video that shows that a 32-year-old man did not die while in custody earlier this month.
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A court order on Friday allowed Raleigh police to make public a video that shows that a 32-year-old man did not die while in custody earlier this month.

A Wake County judge on Friday signed a court order that allows Raleigh to make public a video that purportedly shows that a 32-year-old man walked in and out of a police station hours before he died at the hospital.

Curtis Roeman Mangum of Raleigh was arrested on felony drug charges hours before he died at WakeMed Hospital in Raleigh on Jan. 11.

On Friday, an attorney for Raleigh told Superior Court Judge Graham Shirley that the city wanted to release video footage that shows Mangum entering and exiting a police precinct station in the Southeast District, on Cross Link Road.

Mangum’s entrance into the police station was captured on external cameras installed on the building, according to the court order. He entered the building at 11:16 p.m. and walked outside of the building to meet with paramedics at 11:32 p.m., according to the court order.

The attorney said there were rumors circulating on social media asserting that Mangum died while he was inside the police station.

City officials obtained the court order on Friday after learning that two people inside of the car where Mangum was a passenger are on a social media video asserting that he “was dragged into the South-East District Station because he could not walk under his own power, vomited, collapsed on the floor and died at the South-East Station, according to the court order.

Shirley said it was in the public’s interest to release the video to directly rebut the allegations being made on social media and to promote transparency and trust in the criminal justice system.

Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman said the video could be released Friday as part of the police department’s five-day report about Mangum’s death.

Police charged Mangum with possession of marijuana and cocaine with intent to sell between 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. Jan. 10.

Dextro James White, 40, of Jonesborough, Ga., was arrested with Mangum, at Rose Lane and Community Drive in Southeast Raleigh.

After being taken into custody, Mangum “began to exhibit signs of medical distress,” according to police spokeswoman Laura Hourigan. “The arresting officers immediately contacted EMS, who transported him to WakeMed. Several hours after arriving at WakeMed, the subject died.”

Mangum’s family and the Police Accountability Community Task Force, a local police-reform advocacy group, are calling for an external review into what happened before Mangum’s death.

“Police policing each other is not good enough,” said Brandon Douglas, a spokesman for PACT. “Families deserve more than an investigation by Raleigh Police Department’s own Internal Affairs division and another by the State Bureau of Investigations, an agency that’s part of the law enforcement system. We need an independent external review system led by the community.”

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