Toddler finishes chemotherapy so dad dances to celebrate in video

After 32 days in the hospital, 1-year-old Kristian Thomas finished his first round of chemotherapy. His dad, Kennith Thomas, 34, danced to Ciara’s “Level Up” to celebrate.

The video has since gone viral with over 2.5 million views. In the video, the father and son duo wear matching t-shirts while Kristian claps along to the song.

Kennith didn’t realize the video was going to be so popular when he first posted it.

“When I did this one, it kind of stuck with everyone with the song with him dancing,” said Kennith in an interview with The News & Observer. “We were wearing matching shirts. It was a personal moment we shared with people. It felt like something real and possible.”

Kennith wasn’t aware of the Level Up Challenge taking place when he used it as a hashtag. Ciara even reposted the video to her own Instagram account.

The Level Up Challenge is. part of Ciara’s comeback with her lastest single, “Level Up.” Billboard says Ciara is asking fans to post videos of them dancing to her new song, as well as three ways they want to ‘level up.’

Kristan Photo
Kristan in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia during his chemotherapy. Kennith Thomas

According to ABC News, Kristian was diagnosed with Leukemia on June 19 and was treated at the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. They also report Kristian was born with Down Syndrome and a blood condition. The leukemia was discovered during a checkup.

Throughout the course of the treatment, music was therapeutic for the toddler.

“Anytime he may be a little cranky we put music on to calm him down,” Kennity told The News and Observer. Kennith also said Kristian always wiggles his feet and shoulders when music plays, like father like son.

Kennith and his wife, Josilyne, own a dance studio in Merchantville, New Jersey called The Level Dance Complex.

He said it was part of the reason he danced to the song, “Level Up.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports Kennith started selling shirts and accepting donations online. Kristian’s expenses are covered by insurance, but the cost of travel and loss of income accumulated.