Coyote found inside walls of convention center in Tennessee. How did it get in there?

How did the coyote known as "Little Elvis" gut stuck in a wall at the Memphis convention center?
How did the coyote known as "Little Elvis" gut stuck in a wall at the Memphis convention center?

A coyote somehow got into the convention center in downtown Memphis this week, and ended up helplessly stuck under the strangest of circumstances.

“It’s not every day that you find a coyote in a wall, but that’s literally what happened,” said a Facebook post on Friday by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission. “Construction workers at the Cook Convention Center in Memphis arrived to find a coyote stuck in a wall.”

The discovery was made Thursday and a photo posted by the wildlife commission showed the coyote was quite literally wedged between metal pipes and support beams.

Convention center officials took to calling the coyote “Little Elvis” on Twitter.

State officials said a wildlife officer removed the “half-grown” coyote, but did not say how it was handled without someone getting hurt... or bitten.

A photo was also posted of the coyote dashing through a field after being released.

The Cook Convention Center is on Main Street in Memphis near the Mississippi River. State officials did not say how the coyote might have gotten into one of the busiest buildings in the city.

TV station WREG says state agents suspect the coyote may have crawled into the hole either late Wednesday or early Thursday and “was unable to get back out.”

News of the strange discovery comes just three months after staff at the convention center in Nashville found a coyote relaxing on the counter in one of the site’s restrooms. TV station WSMV reported the coyote “ran past a security check point” while staff were setting up a boat show.

It was also captured and released into the wild, the station reported.

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