Mom hid baby in freezer on stranger’s yard, gets 2 years probation, Tennessee cops say

A Tennessee woman who pleaded guilty to putting her 8-month-old baby in a freezer will not serve time behind bars, after a judge sentenced her to two years of probation.

Brittany Smith of Johnson City was charged in January with child abuse and child neglect, according to court records.

A man saw a woman he didn’t know putting what he thought was a dead baby in a freezer in his yard, according to WTHR.

The man, Joshua Blair, walked outside and found Smith hiding under his house, according to WCYB. The baby was alive in the freezer.

“It wasn’t moving, wasn’t nothing,” Blair told WCYB. “I reached in and pulled it out. It started moving. Instant relief.”

The freezer wasn’t being used at the time but had about an inch of water in it, according to WLOS.

Police told WTHR that the baby could have suffocated if he was in a freezer longer.

Washington County Judge Stacy Street sentenced Smith to two years of probation, according to WJHL.