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Democratic congressman on Trump impeachment: ‘I expect that we will confront it’

U.S. Rep. David Price isn’t ruling out the possibility of impeaching President Donald Trump if Democrats take the majority in Congress.

Asked about the possibility of impeachment during a meeting with The News & Observer’s editorial board, Price said, “I expect that we will confront it. At a minimum, we’re going to confront the need to investigate a great many things.”

The veteran Democrat who represents the Triangle cited concerns about the president’s ties to Russia.

Another House Democrat, Al Green of Texas, introduced two separate resolutions calling for the impeachment of Trump. Price voted against proceeding with articles of impeachment against Trump both times — in December 2017 and January 2018.

Price was also asked Monday if he’d support Nancy Pelosi as speaker if Democrats win a majority — an issue that has divided Democratic candidates for Congress in North Carolina. He didn’t say how he’d vote in a race for speaker but voiced concerns that Republicans and conservative media are responsible for “the demonization of Nancy Pelosi.”

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“It really is greatly misogynistic and unfair,” he added, but he also noted that the need for some Democratic candidates to distance themselves from Pelosi is a “political reality that they are dealing with.”

Price also called for federal and state action on environmental concerns surrounding hog lagoons. He said that while the focus is currently on lawsuits between neighbors and hog farms, North Carolina is “just a major storm away from another disaster” where lagoons flood and pollute waterways and nearby properties.

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Last year, Price filed the “SWINE Act,” which stands for Swine Waste Infrastructure and Natural Environment Act. The bill would establish a U.S. Department of Agriculture program to certify sustainable disposable techniques for hog waste and create tax credits for farms that use them. The bill has been parked in the Subcommittee on Conservation and Forestry since June 2017.

Staff writer Brian Murphy contributed to this report.