NC legislator comes out as bisexual

N.C. Rep. Cecil Brockman
N.C. Rep. Cecil Brockman

State Rep. Cecil Brockman, a High Point Democrat, announced in a newspaper article this week that he’s bisexual.

Brockman’s decision to come out means that the N.C. General Assembly will have at least one openly LGBT legislator next year after the departure of Rep. Chris Sgro of Greensboro. Sgro, who leads the LGBT advocacy group Equality N.C. and is gay, is not seeking election. Brockman does not have opposition in this year’s election.

Brockman spoke about his sexual orientation to the News & Record of Greensboro. ““I always felt that I tried to stick up for the LGBT community, even when I wasn’t ‘out,’” Brockman told columnist Susan Ladd. “I want to do more of my part, to be stronger and admit to the world that I’m actually a member of this community as well.”

Before becoming a legislator, Brockman was an aide to Rep. Marcus Brandon, an openly gay lawmaker who stepped down in 2014. Brockman told Ladd that seeing how Brandon was treated at times made him hesitant about coming out.

Depending on how Tuesday’s election goes, Brockman might not be the only openly LGBT legislator next year. Democrat Jane Campbell, who is gay, is running as an unaffiliated candidate to unseat Republican Rep. John Bradford in a district north of Charlotte.