Under the Dome

Congressional candidate Mark Walker steps up fundraising

Sixth District Congressional candidate Mark Walker is gaining on his opponent in fundraising numbers released this week.

Walker, a Republican, still lags Democratic opponent Laura Fjeld in total campaign cash, but between July and September he raised $85,475 more than Fjeld.

Walker pulled in $300,026 in the third quarter, according to FEC records, giving him a total of $625,140 for the entire campaign cycle. Fjeld added $214,551 to her campaign coffers in the same period. She’s raised a total of $743,668 since launching the campaign, including $50,000 she loaned her campaign in August 2013.

Starting October, Fjeld had more cash on hand, with $214,152 available to spend before Election Day. Walker’s campaign had $173,988 on the same date.

Fjeld’s campaign was quick to criticize the $109,370 Walker received from PACs and other interest groups. Her campaign manager pointed out that Walker told Baptist Press in July that he was refusing to accept donations from special interests and PACs.

“This just fits the Mark Walker pattern of saying one thing and doing another,” Andrew Grunwald said in a news release.

Fjeld’s campaign has raised $34,850 from PACs and other interest groups, reports show. Reached Friday, Walker said Fjeld has taken donations from “radical organizations” like Emily’s List and Planned Parenthood, and he said his pledge to avoid PAC funding referred to the primary and runoff elections.