Under the Dome

House Speaker Tim Moore assigns committee posts

One day before legislators return to Raleigh to start work, House Speaker Tim Moore announced who will lead each committee.

The chairs are mostly senior Republicans, with a few Democrats taking on vice chair positions. Some GOP House members – notably Reps. Justin Burr and Julia Howard – will no longer chair powerful committees as they did last session under Speaker Thom Tillis.

“The decision to choose the Representatives to lead these committees was made with great scrutiny,” Moore said in a news release Tuesday. “I have full faith in my colleagues placed in these positions of leadership, and look forward to starting a productive House session this week.”

The committee appointments show which House members will hold more power this session, as well as which Republicans have been effectively demoted by Moore.

The losers: Howard and Burr appear to be the only Republican House members who have lost powerful chair positions.

Howard, who’s represented Davie County for 26 years, had been the senior chairwoman of the finance committee and ethics co-chair. She’ll now lead a less prominent committee: banking.

According to the Winston-Salem Journal, Howard says she’s “been told that Moore has replaced her with a representative more supportive of Moore’s agenda.”

Burr, a fourth-term legislator from Albemarle, has been demoted from co-chairman on the appropriations committee – which oversees the budget – to one of 27 vice chairs. Burr also vice-chaired four major committees last session, and he’ll now fill that role on just one panel, the Judiciary I committee.

The winners: Rep. Chuck McGrady of Hendersonville and Rep. Donny Lambeth of Winston-Salem are moving up to co-chairs on the appropriations committee. And with Howard out on the finance committee, Rep. Bill Brawley of Matthews and Rep. Jason Saine of Lincolnton will share her old role.

Two legislators who held only vice chair roles last session will get a lot busier. Rep. Ted Davis of Wilmington will co-chair the Judiciary III and local government committees, and Rep. Brian Brown of Greenville will co-chair the university education and health committees.

It pays to switch teams: Rep. Paul Tine of Kitty Hawk left the Democratic Party this month to become an unaffiliated member who caucuses with Republicans. The move is paying off: He’s been named a co-chairman of the transportation appropriations committee and will serve as vice chair on two others. Transportation funding is key for Tine’s district, which includes a swath of the Outer Banks and its fragile highway, N.C. 12.

New committees: Moore has created several committees that didn’t exist last session. The House will now have an aging committee, a pensions and retirement committee, a wildlife resources committee and a children, youth and families committee. Moore split the education committee into three separate panels: community colleges, K-12 and universities. A subcommittee on mental health has been eliminated.

Here’s the full list released by Moore’s office:


Chairman Pat Hurley, Chairman Rena W. Turner

Vice-Chairman Susan C. Fisher, Vice-Chairman Joe Sam Queen


Chairman Mark Brody, Chairman Jimmy Dixon, Chairman James H. Langdon, Chairman Bob Steinburg

Vice-Chairman William D. Brisson, Vice-Chairman Beverly M. Earle, Vice-Chairman Charles Graham, Vice-Chairman Marvin W. Lucas, Vice-Chairman Larry Yarborough, Vice-Chairman Lee Zachary

Alcoholic Beverage Control

Chairman James L. Boles Jr, Chairman Jon Hardister

Vice-Chairman Kelly M. Alexander Jr, Vice-Chairman Kelly E. Hastings, Vice-Chairman Charles Jeter, Vice-Chairman Marvin W. Lucas


Senior Chairman Nelson Dollar

Chairman Linda P. Johnson, Chairman Donny Lambeth, Chairman Chuck McGrady

Vice-Chairman Dean Arp, Vice-Chairman Marilyn Avila, Vice-Chairman Hugh Blackwell, Vice-Chairman James L. Boles Jr., Vice-Chairman William Brawley, Vice-Chairman William D. Brisson, Vice-Chairman Rayne Brown, Vice-Chairman Brian Brown, Vice-Chairman Rob Bryan, Vice-Chairman Justin P. Burr, Vice-Chairman George G. Cleveland, Vice-Chairman N. Leo Daughtry, Vice-Chairman Jimmy Dixon, Vice-Chairman John Faircloth, Vice-Chairman Bryan R. Holloway, Vice-Chairman D. Craig Horn, Vice-Chairman Pat B. Hurley, Vice-Chairman Frank Iler, Vice-Chairman Chris Malone, Vice-Chairman Pat McElraft, Vice-Chairman Michele D. Presnell, Vice-Chairman Dennis Riddell, Vice-Chairman Jason Saine, Vice-Chairman Phil Shepard, Vice-Chairman Paul Tine, Vice-Chairman John A. Torbett, Vice-Chairman Roger West

Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture and Natural and Economic Resources

Chairman Jimmy Dixon, Chairman Pat McElraft, Chairman Roger West

Vice-Chairman Rick Catlin, Vice-Chairman Garland E. Pierce

Appropriations Subcommittee on Education

Chairman Hugh Blackwell, Chairman Rob Bryan, Chairman Bryan R. Holloway, Chairman D. Craig Horn

Vice-Chairman Paul Stam, Vice-Chairman Chris Whitmire

Appropriations Subcommittee on General Government

Chairman Rayne Brown, Chairman George G. Cleveland, Chairman Dennis Riddell

Vice-Chairman Mark Brody, Vice-Chairman Susan C. Fisher, Vice-Chairman Elmer Floyd, Vice-Chairman Larry G. Pittman

Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services

Chairman Marilyn Avila, Chairman William D. Brisson, Chairman Josh Dobson, Chairman Chris Malone

Vice-Chairman Brig. Gen. (R) Gary Pendleton

Appropriations Subcommittee on Information Technology

Chairman Jason Saine

Appropriations Subcommittee on Justice and Public Safety

Chairman James L. Boles Jr, Chairman N. Leo Daughtry, Chairman John Faircloth, Chairman Pat B. Hurley

Vice-Chairman Darren G. Jackson, Vice-Chairman Allen McNeill, Vice-Chairman Sarah Stevens

Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation

Chairman Frank Iler, Chairman Phil Shepard, Chairman Paul Tine, Chairman John A. Torbett


Chairman Julia C. Howard, Chairman Charles Jeter

Vice-Chairman Dan Bishop, Vice-Chairman John A. Fraley, Vice-Chairman Larry D. Hall

Children, Youth, and Families

Chairman Johnathan C. Jordan, Chairman Sarah Stevens

Vice-Chairman Tricia Ann Cotham

Commerce and Job Development

Chairman Debra Conrad, Chairman Michele D. Presnell, Chairman Stephen M. Ross

Vice-Chairman John R. Bradford III, Vice-Chairman Brian Brown, Vice-Chairman John A. Fraley, Vice-Chairman Ken Goodman, Vice-Chairman Charles Graham, Vice-Chairman Susan Martin, Vice-Chairman Rodney W. Moore, Vice-Chairman John Szoka

Education - Community Colleges

Chairman Mark Brody, Chairman Allen McNeill

Vice-Chairman Josh Dobson

Education - K-12

Chairman Jeffrey Elmore, Chairman D. Craig Horn, Chairman Linda P. Johnson

Vice-Chairman Tricia Ann Cotham, Vice-Chairman Edward Hanes Jr.

Education - Universities

Chairman Brian Brown, Chairman Bryan R. Holloway


Chairman Bert Jones, Chairman David R. Lewis

Vice-Chairman Harry Warren


Chairman Rick Catlin, Chairman Pat McElraft

Vice-Chairman Jay Adams, Vice-Chairman Chuck McGrady


Chairman John Faircloth, Chairman Rick Glazier

Vice-Chairman Becky Carney, Vice-Chairman N. Leo Daughtry


Senior Chairman William Brawley, Senior Chairman Jason Saine

Chairman Kelly E. Hastings, Chairman Susan Martin, Chairman Mitchell S. Setzer, Chairman John Szoka

Vice-Chairman Kelly M. Alexander Jr., Vice-Chairman John M. Blust, Vice-Chairman Jeff Collins,

Vice-Chairman Nelson Dollar, Vice-Chairman Mike Hager, Vice-Chairman Linda P. Johnson,

Vice-Chairman Paul Luebke, Vice-Chairman Rodney W. Moore, Vice-Chairman Stephen M. Ross,

Vice-Chairman Harry Warren


Chairman Brian Brown, Chairman Bert Jones, Chairman Donny Lambeth

Vice-Chairman Marilyn Avila, Vice-Chairman William D. Brisson, Vice-Chairman Nelson Dollar, Vice-Chairman Beverly M. Earle, Vice-Chairman Jean Farmer-Butterfield

Homeland Security, Military and Veterans Affairs

Chairman George G. Cleveland, Chairman Larry G. Pittman, Chairman Michael Speciale, Chairman Chris Whitmire

Vice-Chairman Larry D. Hall, Vice-Chairman Grier Martin, Vice-Chairman Garland E. Pierce


Chairman Dana Bumgardner, Chairman Mitchell S. Setzer

Vice-Chairman Rosa U. Gill, Vice-Chairman Brig. Gen. (R) Gary Pendleton, Vice-Chairman Paul Tine

Judiciary I

Chairman N. Leo Daughtry

Vice-Chairman Justin P. Burr, Vice-Chairman Darren G. Jackson

Judiciary II

Chairman John M. Blust, Chairman Jonathan C. Jordan

Vice-Chairman John Faircloth, Vice-Chairman Rick Glazier, Vice-Chairman Pat B. Hurley,

Vice-Chairman Chuck McGrady, Vice-Chairman Henry M. Michaux Jr., Vice-Chairman Paul Stam

Judiciary III

Chairman Ted Davis Jr., Chairman Sarah Stevens

Vice-Chairman Nathan Baskerville, Vice-Chairman Pricey Harrison, Vice-Chairman Verla Insko,

Vice-Chairman Rena W. Turner

Judiciary IV

Chairman Hugh Blackwell, Chairman Rob Bryan, Chairman Jacqueline Michelle Schaffer

Vice-Chairman Susi H. Hamilton

Local Government

Chairman Ted Davis Jr., Chairman Carl Ford

Vice-Chairman James H. Langdon Jr.

Pensions and Retirement

Chairman Allen McNeill, Chairman Stephen M. Ross

Vice-Chairman Henry M. Michaux Jr.

Public Utilities

Chairman Dean Arp, Chairman Jeff Collins, Chairman Harry Warren

Vice-Chairman Mike Hager, Vice-Chairman Edward Hanes Jr., Vice-Chairman Sam Watford

Regulatory Reform

Chairman John R. Bell IV, Chairman Chris Millis, Chairman Dennis Riddell

Vice-Chairman Ken Goodman, Vice-Chairman Jonathan C. Jordan

Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House

Chairman David R. Lewis

Vice-Chairman N. Leo Daughtry, Vice-Chairman Ted Davis Jr., Vice-Chairman Paul Stam,

Vice-Chairman John A. Torbett

State Personnel

Chairman Jeff Collins, Chairman James H. Langdon Jr.

Vice-Chairman Larry M. Bell


Chairman Frank Iler, Chairman Phil Shepard, Chairman John A. Torbett

Vice-Chairman Becky Carney, Vice-Chairman George G. Cleveland

University Board of Governors Nominating

Chairman Nelson Dollar

Vice-Chairman Edward Hanes Jr., Vice-Chairman Kelly E. Hastings

Wildlife Resources

Chairman Chris Malone, Chairman Roger West