Under the Dome

NC Senate leader highlights support for gas tax bill

Senate leader Phil Berger's office is highlighting a range of support for the gas tax bill making its way to the Senate floor on Wednesday.

The plan would cut the tax on March 1, but set a floor that analysts say in a consensus forecast would generate an additional $1.2 billion in gas tax revenue for the state. In other words, it represents an increase in taxes in the long run.

Berger's office says the plan "will provide much-needed funding stability to help protect critical transportation projects and maintain safe roads, bridges and economic corridors."

His office issued a statement Wednesday highlighting support from the N.C. Chamber, the state's main business lobby, as well as AAA Carolinas and the N.C. League of Municipalities, among others.

Those entities all said it was important to maintain transportation funding.

Two other groups - the conservative Americans For Prosperity and the liberal Progress N.C. Action - had both criticized the plan as an unneeded tax hike.