Under the Dome

Protzman drops out of governor’s race after 7 months

Former Chapel Hill City Councilman James Protzman has withdrawn from the 2016 governor’s race – not even making it until 2014.

“After almost seven months on the campaign trail, I’m sorry to report that it’s worse than I thought it would be,” Protzman wrote on his blog. “Seeing how candidates have to maneuver to curry favor is sickening. Witnessing the shallowness of the electorate is depressing. And there’s the always-present stench of corporate influence.

“A friend said it seemed like I wanted to take a shower. A month of showers won’t help.”

Protzman, a Democrat, said he wanted to create a platform in running. But he realized he already had a platform in his BlueNC blog.

“But beyond that, it turns out that campaigns aren’t even about ideas,” he wrote. “They’re about money and connections. I knew that going in, but somehow I didn’t internalize it. Now that I have, it’s like drinking poison. I don’t have the stomach for it.”