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Election 2018: Who has filed to run for office in North Carolina?

Candidates listed below have filed with North Carolina to run for office.

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Use the database below to get to know the candidates seeking your vote in Wake, Durham and Orange counties' 2018 elections and find more coverage of the races at newsobserver.com/election.

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The filing period ended Feb. 28. The primaries will be held May 8.

All 13 U.S. representatives from the state have filed for re-election, and all of them have at least one opponent. Neither of the state’s two U.S. senators are up for re-election in 2018.

State legislative races are unusually competitive. Democrats filed to run in all 170 state House and state Senate districts. Republicans filed in all but one of those districts, and said a GOP-supported candidate would run there.

This list comes from data provided by the North Carolina State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement.

Congressional District 1

Incumbent: G.K. Butterfield, Democrat

Challenger: Roger W. Allison, Republican

Congressional District 2

Incumbent: George Holding, Republican

Challengers: Allen Chesser, Republican

Linda Coleman, Democrat

Jeff Matemu, Libertarian

Wendy Ella May, Democrat

Ken Romley, Democrat

Congressional District 3

Incumbent: Walter Jones, Republican

Challengers: Scott Dacey, Republican

Phil Law, Republican

Congressional District 4

Incumbent: David Price, Democrat

Challengers: Michelle Laws, Democrat

Babara Howe, Libertarian

Steve A. (Von) Loor, Republican

Richard L. Watkins, Democrat

Scerry Perry Whitlock, Libertarian

Congressional District 5

Incumbent: Virginia Foxx, Republican

Challengers: DD Adams, Democrat

Dillon Gentry, Republican

Jenny Marshall, Democrat

Cortland J. Meader Jr., Republican

Congressional District 6

Incumbent: Mark Walker, Republican

Challengers: Ryan Watts, Democrat

Gerald Wong, Democrat

Congressional District 7

Incumbent: David Rouzer, Republican

Challengers: Kyle Horton, Democrat

Grayson Parker, Democrat

Congressional District 8

Incumbent: Richard Hudson, Republican

Challengers: Scott Huffman, Democrat

Frank McNeill, Democrat

Marc Tiegel, Democrat

Congressional District 9

Incumbent: Robert Pittenger, Republican

Challengers: Christian Cano, Democrat

Clarence W. Goins, Jr., Republican

Mark Harris, Republican

Dan McCready, Democrat

Jeff Scott, Libertarian

Congressional District 10

Incumbent: Patrick McHenry, Republican

Challengers: David Wilson Brown, Democrat

Gina Collias, Republican

Jeff Gregory, Republican

Ira Roberts, Republican

Albert Lee Wiley Jr., Republican

Seth Blankenship, Republican

Congressional District 11

Incumbent: Mark Meadows, Republican

Challengers: Chuck Archerd, Republican

D. Scott Donaldson, Democrat

Clifton B. Ingram, Jr., Libertarian

Phillip G. Price, Democrat

Steve Woodsmall, Democrat

Congressional District 12

Incumbent: Alma Adams, Democrat

Challengers: Paul Bonham, Republican

Gabe Ortiz, Democrat

Carl Persson, Republican

Patrick Register, Democrat

Paul Wright, Republican

Keith Young, Democrat

Congressional District 13

Incumbent: Ted Budd, Republican

Challengers: Adam Coker, Democrat

Kathy Manning, Democrat

Tom Bailey, Libertarian

Here’s the full list of candidates who filed across North Carolina.

In Wake County, here’s who has filed to run for the legislature:

NC Senate District 14

Incumbent: Dan Blue, Democrat

Challengers: Sandy Andrews, Republican

Richard Haygood, Libertarian

NC Senate District 15

Incumbent: Jay J. Chaudhuri, Democrat

Challengers: Brian Lewis, Libertarian

Alan David Michael, Republican

NC Senate District 16

Challengers: Brian Irving, Libertarian

Wiley Nickel, Democrat

Paul Smith, Republican

Luis Toledo, Democrat

NC Senate District 17

Incumbent: Tamara Barringer, Republican

Challengers: Bruce Basson, Libertarian

Sam Searcy, Democrat

NC Senate District 18

Incumbent: John Alexander, Republican

Challengers: Brad Hessel, Libertarian

Mack Paul, Democrat

NC House District 11

Incumbent: Duane Hall, Democrat

Challengers: Tyler Brooks, Republican

Allison Dahle, Democrat

Travis Groo, Libertarian

Shawn Michael Hamilton, Republican

Heather Metour, Democrat

NC House District 33

Incumbent: Rosa U. Gill, Democrat

Challengers: Shirley E. Hicks, Democrat

Antoine Marshall, Democrat

Anne Murtha, Republican

NC House District 34

Incumbent: Grier Martin, Democrat

Challengers: Cap Hayes, Libertarian

Catherine Whiteford, Republican

NC House District 35

Incumbent: Chris Malone

Challengers: Isaac Burke, Republican

Terence Everitt, Democrat

Michael Nelson, Libertarian

Adam B. Wright, Democrat

NC House District 36

Incumbent: Nelson Dollar, Republican

Challengers: Julie von Haefen, Democrat

Robyn Haley Pegram, Libertarian

NC House District 37

Challengers: John B. Adcock, Republican

Sydney Batch, Democrat

Guy Meilleur, Libertarian

NC House District 38

Incumbent: Yvonne Lewis Holley, Democrat

Challengers: Ken Bagnal, Republican

Bobby Yates Emory, Libertarian

NC House District 39

Incumbent: Darren Jackson, Democrat

Challengers: Rhonda Allen, Republican

Martin Matuszewski, Libertarian

NC House District 40

Incumbent: Joe John, Democrat

Challengers: Marilyn Avila, Republican

David Ulmer, Libertarian

NC House District 41

Incumbent: Gale Adcock, Democrat

Challengers: Liam Leaver, Libertarian

Emmanuel Wilder, Republican

NC House District 49

Incumbent: Cynthia Ball, Democrat

Challengers: Jonathan Horst, Libertarian

David Robertson, Republican

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