Under the Dome

McCrory seeks campaign money on news of budget surplus

Gov. Pat McCrory is raising money on news Wednesday of a projected surplus in state revenues for the current fiscal year.

In an email to possible donors, he describes the state’s economy as “roaring” and contrasts the projected surplus with the projected shortfall of $2 billion heading into 2009 budget talks.

He emphasizes the Republican-led tax cuts but does not mention the broadening of the tax base and other deductions and “loopholes

“Will you help North Carolina continue down the fiscally responsible path by contributing $10 today?” he asks.

“Over 200,000 new jobs have been created and our state has seen one of the largest drops in the unemployment rate in the nation,” McCrory says. “We are giving our teachers one of the largest pay increases in state history because better teachers and better education are the building blocks for a better future.”

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