Under the Dome

How the Triangle voted on the N.C. House budget

Triangle area lawmakers’ votes to help pass the House budget Thursday and Friday reflected the broader, bipartisan outcome.

Most Democrats and Republicans supported the spending plan, which now heads to the Senate.

There were two major votes, as required by law.

The first vote passed the budget on a 94-23 margin, with three absences. The second vote passed the budget on a 93-23 margin, with four absences – the additional absence was Wake County’s Darren Jackson.

Of the 23 no votes, 12 of them were from Democrats. And half of those Democrats were Triangle-area lawmakers who, during debate, said the budget was mediocre and did not do enough to help people better succeed.

Here’s a breakdown of how the Triangle’s lawmakers voted:

Republicans voting yes: Marilyn Avila, Nelson Dollar, Chris Malone, Gary Pendleton, Paul Stam, David Lewis, Leo Daughtry, Larry Yarbrough.

Democrats voting yes: Gale Adcock, Rosa Gill, Duane Hall, Yvonne Holley, Darren Jackson (yes on second reading/absent on third), William Brisson.

Republicans voting no: Jeff Collins.

Democrats voting no: Grier Martin, Larry Hall, Paul Luebke, H.M. “Mickey” Michaux, Verla Insko, Graig Meyer.

Note: Republican James Langdon Jr. was an excused absence for both.

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