Under the Dome

Democratic governors slam McCrory over taxes

Gov. Pat McCrory may have achieved 90 percent of what he wanted in the budget that will soon be on its way to his desk, as he told reporters Thursday. But that other 10 percent is where Democrats are slamming him.

Hours after McCrory said he would sign the budget, even though it includes sales tax increases that he said he opposed, the Democratic Governors Association issued this news release:

“Today, Pat McCrory announced his plan to jack up taxes on North Carolina middle-class families, in a desperate attempt to balance his broken budget,” Jared Leopold, communications director for the Democratic Governors Association, said in the release. “Pat McCrory’s budget will mean higher taxes for homeowners, drivers and new parents in North Carolina.”

The budget deal would expand sales taxes on repair, maintenance and installation services, including vehicles, appliances and other personal property. McCrory said he opposes the new taxes.

N.C. Republican Party official Ricky Diaz had this to say:

“The Democrats in Washington have about as much credibility on taxes as a fox guarding the hen house. This is a bipartisan budget package that reduces the tax burden on hardworking North Carolinians, restores the deduction for seniors' medical expenses and continues to move North Carolina forward.”