Under the Dome

McCrory signs 16 bills, heads on trip with wife

N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory speaks to the media Monday, May 9, 2016.
N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory speaks to the media Monday, May 9, 2016. cliddy@newsobserver.com

Gov. Pat McCrory has signed 16 of the 53 bills on his desk before heading out of state on a personal trip with his wife on Tuesday.

The governor’s office said he is on a long-scheduled trip with First Lady Ann McCrory. The governor is not permitted to sign bills while he is out of state. He returns to North Carolina next week.

McCrory is expected to sign the budget bill later this month. He has until 11:59 p.m. July 31 to sign, veto or let bills become law without his signature. The governor has not publicly indicated that he has problems with any of the pending bills.

Among the 16 signed bills the governor’s office reported on Wednesday is House Bill 1033, which waives the fee for an identification card for those with developmental disabilities. The special cards are currently issued without fees to those who are blind, at least 70 years old, physically disabled or homeless.

Other bills signed into law:

House Bill 287: Covers changes to insurance laws, consumer protections on motor vehicle repairs, long-term care insurance and consent-to-raise rates issues. It also increases penalties for major fraud by an insurance fiduciary, strengthens commercial auto rate evasion reforms, enables the establishment of a state-based private flood insurance market, and allows insurers to quality for restitution from convicted defendants.

House Bill 842: Protects access to Medicaid waivers by dependents of members of the armed forces.

Senate Bill 19: Adjusts the uniform fee for recording deeds of trust in response to federal requirements.

Senate Bill 792: Sets limits for contractor liability in state information technology contracts.

House Bill: 1035: Requirement for basic financial training for finance officers of certain public authorities.

House Bill 567: Modifies the minimum acreage in some tracts used in cemeteries.

House Bill 960: Modifies teacher and state employee retirement system members to buy credit for employment in a charter school operated by a private nonprofit corporation.

House Bill 289: Enacts a money transmission law requested by the state commissioner of banks.

House Bill 242: Changes to charter school law.

House Bill 253: Amends provisions of the Justice Reinvestment Act, which reduces recidivism through community support.

House Bill 523: Allows drivers license designation as American Indian.

House Bill 533: Modifies when liens for deferred taxes on land are eligible to to be extinguished and used promote sales for land conservation.

House Bill 594: Modifies requirements for motor vehicle records retention.

House Bill 678: Amends N.C. Innocence Commission laws.

House Bill 817: Enacts uniform adult guardianship and protective proceedings law.