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Gov. Roy Cooper’s dog Chloe dies at age 16

Gov. Roy Cooper with Chloe the dog, who died Monday
Gov. Roy Cooper with Chloe the dog, who died Monday

One of Gov. Roy Cooper’s family pets died Monday night at age 16.

Chloe was a rescue sheltie and lived in the governor’s mansion with another dog, two cats and a praying mantis. Cooper posted a lengthy message in memory of Chloe on a Facebook page for the family pets.

“As I entered into the last hard year of the campaign for governor in 2016, I told Chloe that even though she was old and not at the top of her game, she needed to live at least through Election Day,” Cooper wrote. “I told her she needed to do that for me. She heard me and did her job. And she decided to live on to see the inauguration and spend time in that big Executive Mansion where the food was pretty good. She finally ran out of gas this week.”

Cooper said that Chloe had injured herself several years ago falling down the stairs, and the family briefly considered euthanasia.

“But there was something in her eyes when she looked at me that said, ‘I can do this.’ And she hadn’t stopped eating,” the governor wrote. “To the amazement of all of us, she got better every day and recovered. She had a will to live. She walked with a limp, but she still played and wagged her tail and told me with her eyes and nuzzle at the end of hard days that everything was OK and that she didn’t care if I happened to screw up.”

First Lady Kristin Cooper followed with her own tribute to Chloe on Tuesday afternoon.

“Chloe left us to go wherever it is that good doggies go when their time with us here on earth is over,” she wrote on Facebook. “I hope in that place she is running around and barking like crazy. Bark in Peace, Chloe.”

Chloe is survived by another dog named Ben, cats Adelaide and Alexei and Fred the praying mantis.