The Reluctant Regulator

Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry

At NC Department of Labor, little help for unpaid workers

Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry rarely forces companies that cheat workers to pay.

Cherie Berry’s ‘fall guy’ says he got no help from the top

When The News & Observer found problems within the Wage and Hour Bureau, Cherie Berry blamed them on the division’s former management, namely former administrator Val Eucare.

Taxpayer-supported companies fail to pay workers, with impunity

Year after year, some private companies dependent on Medicaid funding don’t pay their employees.

‘The Elevator Lady’ employs regulators, dislikes regulations

To most North Carolinians, Berry is “The Elevator Lady,” the smiling politician pictured on every elevator’s inspection certificate, a placard that assures the ride will be safe.

With just one missed check, workers’ lives can be derailed

The Labor Department routinely fails to help North Carolina workers who turn to it to collect the money