Twisted Truth

State Bar stays mum

Documents obtained by The N&O show that Angel Richardson and Keith Kidwell have filed grievances against Tracey Cline with the state agency that regulates lawyers. Each alleges actions that violate rules of conduct for lawyers and prosecutors.

Richardson and Kidwell said in prison interviews that they contacted the N.C. State Bar because they want to stop Cline from doing to others what she has done in the past.

"I feel, without them following up, these problems for other defendants will continue to go on," Kidwell said. "Not just with Tracey Cline, but with the other DAs. If they follow how she's been working, they might try the same thing."

In June, a deputy counsel at the bar, Margaret Cloutier, wrote to Kidwell and Richardson that their allegations, both made in 2009, are under review.

Bar officials have said they are aware of the ruling this year in the case of Derrick Allen, whose murder and sexual assault charges were dismissed in part because Cline and another prosecutor did not turn over information.

Cline says that she has never been contacted by the bar about any grievance and that she has not done anything wrong. Cline has not been the subject of any public discipline by the bar, records show.

The bar's general counsel, Katherine Jean, declined to comment because of State Bar rules.