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Raleigh and three other NC cities are listed among the 'best cities' for drivers

Four North Carolina cities won Top 10 spots on a list of the 100 "Best and Worst Cities to Drive in."

Raleigh topped the list for best cities, which was compiled by WalletHub using such things as Bureau of Transportation statistics.

The other three North Carolina communities are Greensboro at No. 4, Winston-Salem at No. 6 and Durham at No. 7.

A quick look at similar surveys in the past year shows Greensboro is a common denominator.

One recent survey by WAZE, the "world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app," put Greensboro in the No. 1 spot last November and Raleigh didn't make the Top 5. Another survey, by DriveShare, put Greensboro at No. 3 and Corpus Christi, Texas, at No. 1. Raleigh didn't make the Top 5 on that one, either.

Charlotte did not make the Top 10 of the WalletHub survey or any other survey. It came in at No. 19.

Detroit was named the worst city for driving, followed by San Francisco, Oakland, Philadelphia and Seattle.

WalletHub says it used 29 "key indicators of driver friendliness" to make the list, including gas prices, car thefts, average time spent stuck in traffic, and roadway infrastructure.

"Drivers annually spend an average of more than 290 hours on the road. For a full-time worker, that’s the equivalent of a seven-week vacation," said the survey overview.

"Add the costs of wasted time and fuel due to traffic congestions, and our collective tab comes to about $124 billion annually, or $1,700 per household."

To see if your city made the list of "100 Best and Worst Cities" for driving, check out

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