North Carolina

NC and SC ranked among top 20 states relying on gun industry. What put them there?

As gun rights gain national attention, one study finds the Carolinas in the top half of states that lean on the firearms business.

South Carolina ranked 15th in the country, and its neighbor North Carolinawas not far down the list in the 20th spot, according to findings the financial website WalletHub released Tuesday.

The study looked at three categories: the industry, prevalence and politics surrounding guns in all 50 states, WalletHub says. Each state was given scores corresponding with the extent to which it relies on the gun industry, according to the study.

WalletHub says South Carolina was ranked 11th and North Carolina was ranked 18th in the “gun politics” category, which examined senators’ voting records and gun-related contributions to lawmakers.

In another category, South Carolina earned the 12th spot for “gun prevalence,” which includes metrics related to firearm ownership and sales, according to WalletHub.

In all, Idaho ranked the most dependent state, and New Jersey the least, the study results show.