North Carolina

Devoted Canes fans love their team, but study gives Raleigh a mediocre hockey ranking

With the Stanley Cup playoffs underway, one study finds a North Carolina city is just average when it comes to hockey fans.

Raleigh, home to the Carolina Hurricanes, ranked 20th out of 73 cities in the United States for people interested in the sport, according to 2019 findings released Tuesday from WalletHub.

That’s lower than Washington, D.C., Chicago, and St. Louis but higher than Las Vegas, Nashville and Columbus, Ohio — all cities that have National Hockey League teams, the findings show.

The financial website’s study looked at cities with professional or college hockey teams, WalletHub says. Each city was scored according to its type of team, number of wins, game attendance and other factors, according to the study.

This year, the Canes made it to the Eastern Conference finals , and fans showed devotion with tattoos and crowded around the team’s good luck charm, Hamilton the Pig, the News & Observer reported.

The North Carolina-based team was knocked out of the best-of-seven-game series after losing to the Boston Bruins.

In all, Bean Town (Boston) was named the best hockey city in the country, and Huntsville, Alabama was at the bottom of the list, according to WalletHub.