North Carolina

‘One came after another’: Goat surprises NC owner by giving birth to rare quintuplets

A North Carolina woman knew her goat Tinker Bell was ready to give birth — but the number of newborns came as a surprise.

“One came after another: one, two, three, four and then the fifth one,” Mona Armstrong said Wednesday in a phone interview with McClatchy. “I was just in shock.”

It was a moment that defied the odds, WVEC reports.

That’s because there’s a 1-in-10,000 likelihood of a goat welcoming five newborns, said Roxanne Dorman, a goat handler who was present during Tinker Bell’s delivery, according to WVEC.

Goats can have one to four babies at a time, “with some quintuplet births occurring,” according to the Nigerian Dairy Goat Association.

Tinker Bell on Monday gave birth to a boy and four girls, Armstrong said.

The newborns quickly latched onto Tinker Bell, and some will be bottle-fed to reduce strain on their mom, Armstrong said. The goat owner reports the newborns are doing well.

“They’re already walking and jumping,” she said. “They’re doing the normal kid things.”

In the past, Tinker Bell had delivered multiple babies at once — including litters of three and four, Amstrong said.

“She’s a very fertile goat,” the owner said.