North Carolina

Confederate flag made the cover of an NC yearbook as a ‘blast from the past’

A North Carolina high school is reprinting its yearbooks after the original cover featured a photo of a Confederate flag.

Thomasville High School’s latest yearbook included “blast from the past” photos from previous yearbooks to reflect on the school’s history, according to a statement from Thomasville City Schools. One photo showed a sign with the words “Go Dogs” held by members of the class of 1968 in front of a Confederate flag, according to the post.

The books had been distributed to about 10 students and staff members, according to The Dispatch. The school took them back when a yearbook staff member reported the flag photo, the newspaper said.

Superintendent Dr. Catherine Gentry told The Dispatch the school system will destroy the books.

New yearbooks will be given out, the school system said.

“I’m not sure what the reason was, whether it was missed, whether it just did not stand out during the proofing process, there could be a million reasons,” Gentry told The Dispatch. “It was not something that was caught by the students or the teachers or that stood out to them. I don’t have any sense that it was malicious or intentional. I also don’t want to blow this off as something that is not important, because it is important.”

The school system apologized on Facebook and promised to prevent similar incidents moving forward.

People who commented on the school system’s Facebook post expressed varied opinions.

“Glad you were able to catch the mistakes before they went out to the public,” one commenter wrote. “I have so much respect for the Thomasville School System.”

“Let’s just erase history so nobody can learn from it instead of using this as a teaching tool to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Makes sense,” another commenter wrote.

One Twitter user had this to say: “I’ll be damned if I would have let the school take mine back !”

Thomasville is a town of roughly 26,000 people about 70 miles northeast of Charlotte.