North Carolina

Puppy stuck in well had water up to its neck as off-duty NC cop came to help, boy says

A family was running out of time to save a North Carolina puppy when an off-duty deputy joined the rescue effort, officials say.

Trey Snow, 11, was searching for his dog in Spring Hope last week when he heard barking in the distance, according to his letter published to the Nash County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

The boy says he realized his puppy, Riley, had fallen through a plank and plunged 10 feet into a water well below.

“I could tell immediately that we didn’t have much more time before she would drown,” Trey wrote in the Facebook post from Jill Weatherbee Snow.

That’s when he started running outside in his pajamas, catching the eye of an off-duty Nash County deputy, the letter said.

“His timing was nothing short of miraculous!” Trey wrote. “We could see Riley down in the hole with water up to her neck.”

Trey says his dad held the deputy by his feet so he could go into the hole to reach the puppy, who was trying to claw her way out.

The team pulled Riley out of the well and took her to see a veterinarian, who called her a “miracle puppy,” Trey says.

After the ordeal, Trey hoped to find the deputy who helped his family, according to his letter.

Nash County officials say they didn’t even know it had happened.

“We knew nothing about it before now, because most of our Deputies are humble servants who are just trying to do the right thing,” officials said on Facebook.

It turns out, B. Heath was the cop behind the heroic actions, Nash County deputies say.

“We have some of the best employees,” the Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook.