North Carolina

Street closes near NC coast as aggressive roadhog with sharp teeth merges into traffic

An “unexpected visitor” with sharp teeth shut down traffic in a North Carolina city on Tuesday.

Photos appear to show an alligator walking near a road and relaxing under an overpass in the coastal city of Wilmington, according to a Facebook post from its police department.

Wilmington Police closed roads at McRae & Cornelius Harnett Dr (near MLK overpass) due to an unexpected visitor. Wilmington Police Department

Police cars were parked next to the massive reptile as it made its way down a sidewalk and crept into a street, according to moments caught in a Facebook live video that was seen 15,000 times as of Tuesday afternoon.

While wildlife officials made it to the scene, police told drivers to stay away from roads where the scaly animal had been spotted.

The 11-foot creature snarled commuters for about an hour before it returned to the water, officials say.

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