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Want to track your child’s bus? Thanks to a new app, you might be able to

A new app may make a child’s trip to and from school a lot less stressful - for parents.

EDULOG’s Parent Portal app allows parents to track their child’s school bus and allows school districts to notify parents of important information about their child’s trip to and from school, according to the company.

The app uses a GPS tracking system so parents can see where their child’s bus is and when they need to have their child at the bus stop, EDULOG says.

The app uses push notifications and tells parents when their child gets on and off the bus and if they get off at the wrong stop or get on the wrong bus, according to the company. It also notifies parents if a bus is going to be early, late or if its route changes.

And some North Carolina parents may be able to try the app out this school year.

New Hanover County Schools spent $12,000 on the app, which will be available at the end of September to the parents of the 11,000 students in the district who ride buses to and from school, WECT reported.

Parents with students in Onslow County Schools will also be able to use the app this school year, according to WCTI.

Amanda Millington, with Onslow County transportation information management systems, told the news outlet the app will allow the district to notify parents if there is an emergency on their child’s bus.

“If there’s ever changes to the schedule time, you’ll get a push notification that lets you know your child’s schedule time has changed,” Millington said, according to WCTI. “Also, if there is any sort of emergency or anything like that on the bus, we can send out a message notification to let the parent know that something has happened to their child’s bus, and any information they need to know as soon as possible.”

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