North Carolina

A dead wild horse on the Outer Banks? Thankfully, no — and it ended with ‘a good laugh’

A late-night call rattled nerves about the fate of a wild horse on the Outer Banks — but nothing was as it seemed.

An animal was lying on a beach travel lane, sparking concern for its health and a visit from the sheriff’s office, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund said Sunday on Facebook.

But the animal wasn’t a mustang at all, the post said.

It was actually Raymond, a mule that freely roams with the herd along the North Carolina coast. And he wouldn’t budge at all, the Corolla rescue group said.

“Is he dead?” the group remembers asking, according to its Facebook post.

That’s when the serious moment became funny. It turns out, the mule was fast asleep and just wouldn’t get up, according to the group.

“Horns, sirens, yelling, the police dog barking at him,” the Facebook post said. “Raymond was taking a nap, by god!”

Eventually, the stubborn animal stood up and meandered toward the dunes, according to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

“That was a good laugh that we all definitely needed,” said the group, which helps protect the horses believed to be descendants of mustangs that came in the 1500s.

Raymond, the only mule living with the herd, had trouble walking before rescuers intervened in November 2017.

He was feared dead but was spotted last July with three mares.

“No one tell him he’s sterile, ok?,” the horse fund said at the time.

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