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What’s the most popular Halloween costume in NC this year? Hint: It’s horrifying

If you’re scared of clowns, you may want to think about staying in this Halloween.

Google Trends released this year’s Frightgeist, which is its list of the most popular Halloween costumes in each state and in the country based on the costumes people were searching for in September.

And for those who don’t like clowns, Google Trends has some bad news.

The most searched for Halloween costume in the country and in North Carolina was IT, the fictional shape-shifting villain that preys on children and takes the form of a creepy clown called Pennywise.

Before Pennywise frightened movie-goers, it was a fictional character in Stephen King’s IT novel released in the 1980s.

Following the September release of the movie IT Chapter Two, Halloween retailers are selling Pennywise costumes for those who want to confront trick-or-treating children and clown-fearing adults with perhaps their worst nightmares.

IT is the most searched for Halloween costume in North Carolina this year, according to Google Screengrab from Amazon

But the news gets worse. Pennywise was the fourth-most popular Halloween costume in the country for dogs and babies, Google Trends says.

So if you still want to go out on Halloween in North Carolina but don’t want to be surrounded by strangers, babies and dogs dressed as IT, there are a few areas of the state that may be safe.

Although IT was the most searched for costume in Charlotte, Raleigh and Asheville, mermaid was the most popular in Greenville and M&Ms were the most popular in Wilmington, according to Google Trends.

And not all Halloween fans are out to scare this year.

Dinosaur was the second-most searched for costume in the state and Fortnite was third, Google Trends says. Retailers are also offering people the chance to dress up as avatars from the popular video game released in 2017.

Fortnite was the third most searched for costume in North Carolina this year Screengrab from Spirit Halloween

Some who plan to dress up are even sticking to the classics.

Witch and Spider-Man were the second and third-most searched for costumes in the country and fifth and fourth in North Carolina, respectively, according to Google.

“Halloween costumes may be a little (candy) corny, but there is no shortage of scary good ideas on our most searched lists,” Google wrote.

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