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‘Bored’ R&B singer T-Pain disses Elon, complains about ‘rich people’ on campus

The talk on campus after R&B singer T-Pain played the homecoming concert at Elon University wasn’t about the performance.

Instead, it was about the singer’s 1:30 a.m. video game livestream, shared on Twitter with the title, “bored af in elon (whatever the hell that is) lets play some games i guess? if the wifi lets me.”

“I’m in f***ing Elon, North Carolina ain’t that a b****, how do you do that. I don’t know what it is either, I have never heard of it either,” T-Pain said near the start of the 3-hour livestream. “Everybody in this city is mega f***ing rich.”

The students did not appreciate the singer’s digs at their school or their town. Students and faculty who said they were at Elon started responding. “I tried buying you shots at the bar but you said nah, it’s cool though you’re just making yourself bored,” one said.

Elon is a private, liberal arts college outside Burlington, North Carolina, about 30 miles from Chapel Hill.

As T-Pain played Call of Duty on Twitch — which livestreams video games and allows players to talk to their audience — even more piled on.

“A few of the profs could’ve had you over for game night and naan pizzas. If we had only known!” Communications professor Naeemah Clark replied on Twitter.

“Went to t-pain concert (whoever the hell he is),” another person tweeted.

T-Pain had several hit songs in the 2000s and is known mostly for popularizing the use of Auto-Tune, according to The L.A. Times. Auto-Tune is an audio filter that gives a singer a melodic, robot-like quality.

The talented singer got renewed attention earlier this year when he was revealed as the winner of Fox’s Masked Singer competition, taking off his monster costume at the end of the show’s first season to the surprise of the judges, the newspaper reported.

According to the student-run Elon News Network, T-Pain made fun of a local bar, MaGerk’s Pub, later explaining that he “felt harassed by the Elon students there.” He said it turned into “a full-on ‘do you know who my dad is’ party” because “everyone” is rich.

“I tried to go to a bar tonight and oh boy it was not great. I tried, I really tried to go to a bar and apparently it was the only bar that was open after 12 and it was outside,” he said, ENN reported.

His comments weren’t all negative though.

“It’s a cool place for me, though, because everybody is so rich, you would think they wouldn’t give a f*** about me,” he said during the live video.

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