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Uh-oh. Looks like Jim Cantore might be on the North Carolina coast as Dorian approaches

Jim Cantore — a television personality with a reputation for going to places with the worst weather conditions — may have been spotted near the North Carolina coast as Hurricane Dorian approached.

Social media users posted photos appearing to show the meteorologist at Wilmington International Airport on Wednesday night.

“Crap just got real!,” one user said. “Jim Cantore just arrived in Wilmington for Hurricane Dorian coverage. Dang it!”

With his possible arrival, others on Twitter wondered about the fate of the North Carolina city.

“My hometown is about to (be) wiped off the damn map if Dorian hits the NC coast,” one person said.

Even Raleigh-area journalist Gloria Rodriguez weighed in, appearing to share a photo with Cantore.

“Look who I ran into!” the ABC11 reporter said.

Cantore hadn’t mentioned his whereabouts on social media as of Thursday morning.

And some social media users were skeptical The Weather Channel celebrity had made it to the region. A few said he was spotted wearing similar clothes when he came to cover Hurricane Florence last year.

“What are the chances he would show up in the exact same outfit with the same backpack?” someone commented on a post in a Facebook group for Hurricane Dorian updates.

No matter Cantore’s location, the storm is expected to move “near or over the coast of North Carolina” on Thursday night and Friday, bringing risks of strong wind, heavy rain and storm surge, according to the National Hurricane Center.

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