If you don’t see that America is a colossal fraud, privilege has made you blind

Here’s some left-wing logic: Seventy percent of North Carolinians disapprove of the toppling of Silent Sam at UNC.

But when a cadre of protestors defied the will of the people and razed the Confederate monument, most news outlets sympathized with the vandals. Gov. Roy Cooper issued a tepid criticism of the lawlessness while saying he shared their frustration with the slow “pace of change.”

For the left — which has strangled liberalism in its takeover of the Democratic party — “the people” are only those for whom they pretend to speak; the only voices that count, the only “courageous conversations” we must have, are those that support their views.

All who disagree are ignorant or evil or they have been brainwashed by something they call the patriarchal white power structure whose heartless, soul-crushing policies have somehow made America one of the richest and freest nations on earth.

And if you don’t see that America is a colossal fraud — exceptional only in its tireless efforts to keep most people down (because tribalism, racism, sexism and what have you don’t happen anywhere else) — then there’s more proof that privilege has made you blind. So shut up. Listen and learn. You’ll thank them later.

The destruction of Silent Sam isn’t an isolated act of high-minded protest. It is just the latest move to silence dissent from leftist views in the name of democracy!

We see it in the numerous attacks against conservative speakers on campus and Antifa’s violent protests across the country. It’s behind the persistent efforts to gut the First Amendment through “hate speech” codes and demands that Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms police speech.

It is a mindset captured in the call of Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., in June for people to harass members of the Trump administration if they encounter them “in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station … tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

Of course, the same leftists who insist a handful of actual white supremacists and neo-Nazis represent the soul of the nation will complain that I am defining them by their worst actors.

This anti-democratic approach to politics and life is their defining characteristic. It led to the Moral Monday movement in North Carolina, which claimed the mantle of the brave men and women who opposed the apartheid system of Jim Crow for protests that were chiefly led by activists angry that they kept losing elections.

That became the template for “the resistance” — a self-aggrandizing term that tries to associate sour grapes with the truly courageous French opposition to Nazi occupation — that began the day Trump was elected. Since then its leaders have done whatever they can, no matter the ugly, divisive cost, to discredit and remove a duly elected president.

Even Joe McCarthy might have hesitated to launch the smear that is Trump/Russia collusion and to accuse our president of treason without a shred of evidence. For the most part the national media has not challenged them on any of this, but, to take one of the left’s favorite anti-Trump words, normalized their dangerous behavior.

The idea that the corrupt Russia probe is about the rule of law is just one example of how the left necessarily twists politics and languages — as Orwell predicted.

Here in North Carolina, it is driving efforts to paint the Republican legislature’s battles with Gov. Cooper as a grave threat to democracy. For the record, I think most of the GOP’s moves are unnecessary. Republican leaders, unlike left-wing activists, have worked through proper legal channels. They’ve won some and lost some in the courts.

Their proposed constitutional amendments will be decided by the people; the left, of course, frets that the people are too ignorant to decide such issues.

Journalists love to wonder when Republicans will desert Trump. It is telling that they never ask when good liberals — who believe in open debate — will find the courage to denounce the forces of intolerance that have hijacked the Democratic party.

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