Letters: Climate change fuels storms

Many thanks for the September 21st article: “How does Florence compare to past hurricanes? ‘Frankenstorm’ was in a class by itself. There is no denying that climate change has amplified extreme weather systems. For example, the rainfall amounts in Florence were from unusually warm ocean temperatures resulting in huge amounts of moisture being draw into the system, only to be capriciously dumped upon town after town in county after county throughout North Carolina.

Not long before Florence developed in the Atlantic, I had written to one of our state’s senators with concerns about climate change. The response I received, to paraphrase in a nutshell, was: “While the climate may be changing …we need to maintain our economy and energy independence within the U.S.” I happen to agree. Which is why we must act now to prevent these horrifically destructive and costly natural disasters from worsening in the first place by investing in cleaner technologies that would create jobs for Americans, while simultaneously breaking away from the burning of fossil fuels. A huge step in the right direction would be our members of Congress moving forward with the adoption and implementation of a carbon fee and dividend program.

Jen Almond


Say no to ads

Please say no to IKE Smart City and to the proposed 8-foot tall interactive kiosks in downtown Raleigh! I can’t imagine how this would even be considered an improvement to our beautiful and still somewhat quaint downtown landscape.

Why is it now necessary to infuse the latest “cool” technology into every aspect of life? Why does immediate feedback continue to be something that affects us in a positive way? Eight rotating images of ads and postings paving the way for even more and possibly larger versions of in-your-face light pollution? Even if I don’t live downtown, I don’t want to see this all around me while strolling down the street after a musical or theater performance in our gorgeous performing arts center. Nor do I want to see it while enjoying the view from one of our lovely rooftop lounge options. I’m certain that the city receiving a fee to install them is of utmost importance to some in City Hall, but no cost to taxpayers? Think again!

Katharine Eves


Illegal noise

In Sunday’s paper, Kevin Egelston had an excellent op-ed, “Raleigh is too loud. It doesn’t have to be.” Egelston made the point that Raleigh has excessive noise from numerous loud exhausts.

This should not be. Raleigh officials should enforce local, state, and federal laws concerning noise pollution. Clearly, if the Raleigh police have only issued ten citations in the last three years for faulty or non-existence mufflers, they are not taking the issue seriously. Egelston notes that he “can count 10 more violations in a single one-way commute each day.”

An excellent source of information about illegal noise from loud exhausts is www.motorcyclenoise.org. This site contains information on a book written by Noise Free America: A Coalition to Promote Quiet on how police departments can visually identify illegal after-market equipment.

Ted Rueter


Self destruction

How is Brett Kavanaugh being “destroyed” if he is not confirmed for the Supreme Court? By that standard, most people are “destroyed” before they finish high school. Seriously, it is inappropriate to appoint a man who cannot tell the truth under oath as a judge. If he couldn’t tell the truth about his relationship with alcohol, he should have avoided being placed under oath. He “destroyed” himself.

Eric Koonce

Chapel Hill

Time to withdraw

It’s a job interview. Brett Kavanaugh is not on trial for actions that allegedly occurred when he was a teenager. He’s being vetted for a most important job with lifetime tenure. To those who claim that he’s being unfairly treated, how many of you were passed over for a job because of foolish Facebook posts you made as a teenager? If Kavanaugh wants to reclaim his reputation, may I suggest a good first step would be to withdraw? No matter what decision is made on his appointment, it will be deeply divisive. There are other highly qualified candidates

Caroline Taylor