Sunday Forum: Kavanaugh draws a strong – and split – response

Mob rule

The American people have just witnessed a classic case of mob rule and a gross miscarriage of justice by the Senate Republicans. Their minds were made up long before this process and sham ever started.

The FBI’s hands were tied by the Trump administration and they could not do a complete investigation. However, the “report” is now in the hands of the Senate but it is kept under lock and key. The Republicans say there is no corroborating evidence to be found in the “investigation” but since it is secret, we citizens will never know the truth which is scarce under this administration.

As for Brett “Bart” Kavanaugh, I am not bothered as much by his high school and college drinking and the sexual allegations but it concerns me deeply that he, as a federal judge, he may have lied under oath to the Judiciary Committee and the entire United States.

In all of my 91 years, I have never seen such a debacle, The GOP senators should be ashamed of themselves. They were elected to represent their constituents, not Trump or the Republican party

For those of us who still believe in truth, justice, and decency, it is imperative that we vote in November and in 2020. We do have the power to correct all the damage that has been done to our country and make the necessary changes if we are to survive as a democracy. We must NOT forget!

Georgie F Brizendine


Not qualified

It is likely impossible to know what transpired between Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford more than 30 years ago. He may have been falsely accused. Or he may have committed sexual assault. We most likely will never know.

What we do know with complete certainty is that his testimony last week was dishonest, disrespectful, and openly partisan. He does not possess the integrity or temperament required of a Supreme Court Justice. He also revealed prejudices that make him unable to fairly and impartially rule on many cases that come before the Supreme Court. This is why over 2,400 law professors signed a letter opposing his nomination. This is why former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens said Kavanaugh was unqualified for this position. This is not about being fair to Brett Kavanaugh. It’s about being fair to the American people. We deserve better.

Laura Porter

Chapel Hill

Process worked

I believe the process of approving Supreme Court nominees worked.

The Senate panel discussion became a wide exploration of character. We now have facts showing Judge Kavanaugh cannot control emotions in the face of adversity. We have opinions about his younger days, but not enough facts.

There is a difference between ‘passion’ and ‘anger.’ Kavanaugh had advance knowledge of the misconduct accusations. Yet any contemplation he may have done before speaking to the Senate panel was not evident in his tone or content. Kavanaugh gave us a glimpse of his character. Given what we saw, his Supreme Court justice opinions may not measure up to what we have come to expect from someone in that position.

Kavanaugh might be a smart attorney and sound judge. However, others must exist with similar traits, but with a demeanor fitting of a Supreme Court justice. We should have found someone else. It is that simple. Not everyone should be approved.

David Matthew Knoble


Destructive Democrats

As a Democrat for more than 50 years, I am appalled at what the Democratic Party has become. They have forgotten the middle class and have only one thing on their minds – destroying people with whom they do not agree. I haven’t seen one positive suggestion from them in the last year. They have tried everything to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump and deflect attention away from the many things he has accomplished in his first two years — including, but not limited to, an agreement with North Korea and a recent trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, which was hardly mentioned in the news.

Democrats can no longer be team players for the good of the country. Judge Brett Kavanaugh has an impeccable record of service, and prior to his nomination there were no “black” marks against him. Why is it that we now assume guilt until proven innocent? I only hope that Democrats will now decide that it’s time to work together for the good of the country.

Carol Breckheimer


Not fit

Brett Kavanaugh shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court. I went to college. I partied. Yet I never assaulted anyone. I never thought it was funny to overpower another person for giggles. That speaks to character and moral compass. Dr. Ford must be taken seriously. How did the culture of power, special privilege and demeaning of women from his frat days inform his adult opinions and how will those opinions affect my daughter, grandchildren and women in general? We are better than this. The Supreme Court should be held to at least the same standard that an office job would require.

Karen Grace


Different reactions

I am struck by the polar opposite reactions to Brett Kavanaugh’s aggressive self-defense from men and women, Republicans and Democrats. While everyone agreed that Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony was persuasive and genuine, the reaction to Judge Kavanaugh varied widely, as in Clarence Thomas’s contentious confirmation hearing in 1991, where now-Justice Thomas displayed similar anger and outrage at his accuser, Anita Hill.

The conservative editor of the National Review, (and critic of Donald Trump), Rich Lowry characterized Kavanaugh’s performance as highly effective, appropriately angry, and persuasive.

Dr. Mindy Oshrain, clinical psychiatrist at Duke University, found that Judge Kavanaugh’s raging was that of a man caught doing something he thought he’d get away with.

Reactions do not seem to have changed much in light of the #metoo movement. Older and conservative men seem to defend and admire angry men. Younger women and liberals are likely to be highly suspect of them. I strongly suspect that Oshrain is closer to the truth thanLowry.

Howard Partner


Wake-up call

Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court and President Trump’s assailing of Blasey Ford’s testimony need to be a wake up call to all women to vote out of office those that voted for Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment and the president for his misogynistic, sexist remarks, which showed no empathy whatever for the risk Ford took to present herself.

Toby Shaw