Sunday Forum: Kavanaugh hearing continues to rile both sides

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, listens to lawmaker speak during a Senate Judiciary Committee nominations hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018.
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, listens to lawmaker speak during a Senate Judiciary Committee nominations hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018. AP Photo

For two weeks in the N&O’s Letters to the Editor section, writers have been screaming like harpies for Kavanaugh’s head, with accusations that he is a rapist, drunk, sexual predator. The key accuser was allowed her truth that basically he is guilty! Yet she could not be sure of the number of boys, location, day, month or year (in fact had three different time periods). She did not know how she got to the party or home. She had no names. Every witness she named discounted their stories.

You would think the N&O would remember the Duke Lacrosse case (“Judge denies Duke lacrosse accuser’s request for new murder trial, release from jail,” Aug 15, 2018), or the innocence project results: Dwayne Dail, 18 years served! Willie Grimes, over 24 yrs served! Both found innocent by DNA evidence after conviction due to accuser witness. It appears due process and innocent until evidence proves otherwise was deliberately trashed for political gain while the accuser was proven a liar during questioning. Weep for the Eighth Commandment and its deliberate violation and for the Democrat Party that feels so comfortable with this violation. Redress always comes from God’s justice, not necessarily man’s.

David Campbell


Personal attacks

In the N&O article, “Tillis Slams ‘politics of personal destruction,” Oct 8, Sen. Thom Tillis claimed that Brett Kavanaugh was the first major target of a new [Democratic] strategy of “attack, attack, attack. It’s not advise and consent; it’s search and destroy.”

This isn’t a new strategy, Donald Trump used this strategy as a candidate against fellow Republicans and now as president. A few examples: He personally attacked Ted Cruz as “lying Ted”; Carly Fiorino as “look at that face - would anyone vote for that”; Attorney General Jeff Sessions as “scared stiff and missing in action”; and finally the late Sen. John McCain, Vietnam Vet, hero and POW as “he’s not a war hero” (claimed Trump who received five deferments to avoid the War).

Tillis also said, “If the Republicans ever decided to emulate the Democrats’ search and destroy playbook, they can count me out.” Taking that action would be a great example for civility in general, and politics specifically, but I suppose that Tillis really didn’t mean that. Eliminating personal attacks would be revolutionary, but first we need to correctly identify the main culprit who daily gives license to such behavior, our president.

Robert F. Markley

Chapel Hill

Disgraceful tactics

I have been a Democrat for almost 60 years, left of left.

The thought of Kavanaugh joining the Supreme Court is troubling.

Even more troubling is what the Democrats put the Kavanaugh family through, particularly their young daughters.

What a disgrace.

Jim Wilson


Champion of women

It’s ironic that Judge Kavanaugh has always been a champion of women, selecting more women than men to clerk for him, and planning to select women as all four of his clerks on the Supreme Court, yet so many women have been so quick to accuse him of awful sexual misconduct. Reminds me of that old saying, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

Thomas Henderson


Trump’s rules

In claiming that Senate Democrats used a strategy of “attack, attack, attack” in their efforts to be offered a better nomineee for the Supreme Court, Sen. Thom Tillis chose to quote Roger Stone, Donald Trump’s 2010 campaign chairman and 2016 political adviser. Stone’s infamous rules include the admonition “Attack, attack, attack, never defend.” This “rule” is consistently followed by the present administration, which never defends or apologizes for its mistakes.

In choosing to adopt this tactic, Tillis also is following another of “Stone’s Rules”: “Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack.” This has a variant best known as the Pee-Wee Herman defense: “I know you are, but what am I?”

Tillis has clearly shown us his strategy and whence it comes. I had hoped for better.

Donald Zepp


Not mob rule

I’m tired of President Donald Trump referring to Democrats and those who opposed Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s selection to the Supreme Court as a “mob.”

As far as I know, the protestors, while vocal, haven’t destroyed property and are not yet calling for the overthrow of our government. The First Amendment right guaranteeing freedom of speech and expression has not yet been taken away.

What I do see as a former political and government affairs reporter is a man obsessed with his own ego who seems to care only about himself. I see the reincarnation of King Louis XIV of France whose favorite expression was “l’etat, c’est moi” (I am the state).

On Election Day, it is my fervent hope Americans turn out in great numbers to give President Trump a dose of humility so that he might learn to be humble. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Lindsey Graham can use some humility as well.

Mark G. Rodin


Name calling

I am well educated, well read and fairly intelligent. I have a house, a great family, and I love my country. My wife and I have been called numerous vulgar and derogatory names in the past few years by liberal celebrities, media and government leaders. I have to wonder if they really think they might get us to support liberal candidates by calling us names. Do they really think that the name calling endears them to their constituents, some of whom are my good friends?

Yes, I was disappointed when Barack Obama was elected. I worried that he might not be good for our country. During his term in office, I never made a derogatory remark about anyone who voted for him, and I always hoped he would be successful.

Bob Jensen

Holly Springs

Silence is complicity

A small sampling of the President’s “personal destruction” targets include: other presidential candidates from both parties; members of Congress; federal judges; members of the press; members of his own Cabinet and staff; Gold Star parents; war heroes; sexual assault victims; Muslims; Hispanics; Africans; NFL players; NBA players; and the list goes on. I would suggest that Sen. Tillis not throw stones at anyone else regarding personal destruction politics until he speaks out about the president. Remember senator, silence is complicity.

Lee and Becky Evans