To fight warming, we need to move to renewable energy. Now.

Greg Fishel tackles the topic of climate change

In 2015 WRAL meteorologist Greg Fischel discussed his changed views on climate change. Through his research, he now believes that humans do have a hand in the changing, global climate.
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In 2015 WRAL meteorologist Greg Fischel discussed his changed views on climate change. Through his research, he now believes that humans do have a hand in the changing, global climate.

The day after your article on N.C. Influencers’ views on climate change (“NC community leaders share concern for climate change,” Oct. 8), you published an article on a scientific report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (“‘Incredibly grim’ prognosis on global warming also carries clarion call for action,” Oct 9). It concludes: by 2040 global warming will inundate coastlines and intensify droughts, food shortages and poverty with damages estimated at $54 trillion.

In light of the report, solutions from N.C. leaders look like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Suggestions like limiting floodplain development, permeable surfaces, recycling coal ash and ramped-up development of solar and wind are worthy.

Leaders rightly worry about how changes affect local economies. What’s missing is an understanding that transformation of the world economy is required at an unprecedented scale and speed (12 years according to the UN report). We need rapid transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050, encouraged by a carbon tax and dividend. More broadly, we need massive withdrawal of carbon from the atmosphere using the solutions from robust scientific and economic research by scientists such as Paul Hawken.

Every single N.C. business, community, religious and political leader and citizen should be envisioning, promoting, and implementing these solutions. Instead of rearranging deck chairs, we can work together to keep the ship afloat.

Lynn Lyle


Dix history

Recently unveiled plans for Dix Park are stunning, and the park will have an impact on our city for years to come. But what about the past? Does the plan for the park include some remembrance of what the Dix land was initially consecrated to become when the first patient was admitted through those hospital doors on February 22, 1856?

My father, Wilmer C. Betts, MD, worked as a psychiatrist at Dix Hospital beginning in the early 1950s. As a child, my family lived on the hospital grounds for a few years. I later worked as a social worker at Dix on what were known as the “back wards” with the sickest patients. Both my father and I saw the misery these patients endured. We saw the horrifying agony. We heard the often unanswerable screams and cries for help. We also saw the healing that sent many patients back to their families and society.

I hope that somewhere in the plan there is a fitting memorial to the hospital’s namesake, Dorothea Dix, and to these uncomfortable, but inescapable and easily forgotten realities.

Ellen Betts Clemmer



Newspaper publishing is dying. Clearly your paper’s obituary will show that you flamed out fighting for progressive liberals and the Democrat Party.

One overt way you show your bias is what political cartoons your editors select to try to influence your readers. I might overlook if your cartoons simply displayed poor taste. But many of them go well beyond poor taste to portray vindictiveness and character assassination.

So your editorial board hates President Trump and Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Get over the results of the 2016 presidential election.

Thomas Droessler


Rally chants

Donald Trump recently presided at a rally where the crowd chanted “Lock her up,” after he accused Sen. Dianne Feinstein, without a shred of evidence, of leaking to the press Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh.

It is inconceivable that this was not planned by his campaign, and if it was truly spontaneous, he should have stopped it. Unfortunately, Donald Trump has the ethics and morality of a banana republic dictator, and reveled in it.

Is the kind of president we want?

Robert G. Harrison


National anthem

Commenting on Panther Eric Reid Wednesday, Ron Rivera said, “ I believe in the First Amendment and that’s all he did.” The millions of us who disagree with Reid (and Rivera) are not saying he does not have the right to kneel. We are saying we believe he is not right in kneeling. Please, let’s stop using the Constitution as a means to an end.

Eddie Goodall


Protesting hours

I watched reports of the recent damage done to our coast due to flooding and saw the desperation of people left without housing or a means to recover.

If the money and people-hours spent on protesting was applied to repairing coastal devastation, I am sure a large amount of recovery would be completed by now.

Dale Whitfield

Wake Forest

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