Letters: Saying ‘no’ to voter ID


The NC Constitution says, “As political rights and privileges are not dependent upon or modified by property, no property qualification shall affect the right to vote or hold office.” The legislature now proposes an exception to that right to vote regardless of having property. On the ballot next month, you’ll see a proposed constitutional amendment to require every in-person voter to “present photographic identification before voting.” The legislature would decide what kind of documents are acceptable. If you don’t have one of those documents, your vote won’t count. I call that a property requirement.

Some people – maybe not people we know, but some people – are perfectly eligible to vote but don’t have a document the legislature deems acceptable. They’d have a very hard time getting one. Some states ask for an I.D. but don’t deny the right to vote if voters don’t have one. They find other ways to determine eligibility.

When our legislature passed a voter I.D. statute, their legislation was so restrictive a federal court threw it out as a deliberate attempt to make it harder for certain vulnerable people to vote. I’m voting “NO” on their attempt to do that in the Constitution.

Bill Gilkeson


Kavanaugh circus

Just read your Sunday Forum piece on the Kavanaugh circus. The Forum headline suggests the hearing resulted in ”strong-and split - response.” Yet somehow, of the seven published letters only one was in support of Kavanaugh. Might I suggest you are part of the problem, not the solution?

Richard Bunn


Road expansions

My family moved into Muirfield subdivision five years ago. We moved from Durant Trails to a lovely cul de sac in Muirfield where our daughters could ride their bicycles without danger of high traffic roads. Now that our daughters are 14 and 16 years old, and beginning to drive, there is a tremendous fear of tragic accidents at the intersection of Falls and Stonegate, as well as at the intersection of Falls and Litchford roads.

Before you make a decision on widening Falls, making it more dangerous than it already is, I implore you to try to make a left turn out of Stonegate on to Falls of Neuse at any time of the day, not just rush hour.

I also ask that you do the same at the light at Litchford and Falls, coming out of Muirfield at 7:00 AM. How would your 16 year olds manage to weave their way through vehicles to get across Falls to get to school on time?

Just because you don’t live here, you cannot ignore the life impact that widening this road will cause.

Elizabeth Schuette


Light rail

The N&O article, Consultants see half-billion dollar potential in Durham, Orange light-rail stations, Oct 4, touts the potential property tax income from the resulting developments. Adding it all up, it comes to less than $ 850 million - over the next 40 years! Naturally there will be income tax from jobs created, but do we need jobs with a 3.9% unemployment rate? Also - do Durham and Chapel Hill residents really want 10 - 15 story office buildings, as projected? It seems this rail system will have little effect on HWY 40 traffic between Raleigh and Durham. If the Durham and Orange County residents really want this, they should pay for it - not the rest of us with state and federal income tax funds.

Robert D. Brown, Ph.D.


Global warming

The recent article about global warming and community leaders (Climate change is real and it’s caused by humans, NC’s community leaders say,” Oct 4) was disturbing. Paul Valone said it is not happening and Larry Wooten was not sure humans were the cause. Scientists are sure. According to ice core samples from Antarctica reveal that the CO2 level started to rise around 1800. The CO2 is known to come from fossil fuels since the carbon isotope ratio in CO2 is different from fossil fuels than from other CO2 sources.

CO2 is the major global warming greenhouse gas. Methane is more potent but less plentiful. The International Panel on Climate Change just issued a dire warning on climate change. Everyone, even President Trump, needs to take the warning seriously. We are seeing effects today. The billions of dollars the Koch brothers have spent to protect their fossil fuel industries have to be rejected by our leaders and work started to head off the destruction of the Earth.

Sam Wallace