The Confederate flag has no place at NC State Fair

Man carrying Confederate flag assaults counter-protester in front of police

On Saturday, a pro-Silent Sam protester wearing an ACTBAC NC shirt assaulted a counter-protester when he tried to take the wreath the man brought with him to the protest.
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On Saturday, a pro-Silent Sam protester wearing an ACTBAC NC shirt assaulted a counter-protester when he tried to take the wreath the man brought with him to the protest.

Once again my family and I attended the State Fair, and once again I was shocked to see people of different ages wearing Confederate flag stickers. Confederates, including my own ancestors, took up arms against the United States government. It is called insurrection. The Confederate flag symbol is divisive and offensive, and the people who wear it know that. What is the point?

When the symbol of your heritage has become a symbol of hate, it’s time for a new symbol. The Confederate flag has no place at the North Carolina State Fair.

Laurie McDowell


Repugnant candidates

“Why the 2016 polls were wrong,” Oct. 17, can be more easily explained: In 2016 both major parties nominated presidential candidates repugnant to a substantial number of voters. When, as the article stated, most polls showed Hillary Clinton as the likely winner, too many voters decided, Clinton will win alright, but not with my vote. They then didn’t vote or cast third-party protest votes thus giving us Donald Trump.

Lesson for future elections: Forget the polls, all that counts is voting and voting wisely.

Thomas McKee


Biased coverage

My husband and I have received The News & Observer for over 30 years. Your paper is so biased and one-sided when it comes to politics.

Telling us who is the best candidate for us is unbelievable. It would be nice if you printed the achievements of the administration instead of giving us your opinion on who is the best candidate for us.

Joyce Lyles


Hopeful 2019

Democrats are hopeful for the coming midterms to capture one or both houses of Congress. That would go a long way to bring parity to the heavy Republican control of all three branches of our government. The Republican leadership in Congress acts more like an arm of the presidency than a check and balance against the executive branch.

Both parties need to work together. Historically they have for many legislative victories. There is just too much division. Let’s hope 2019 will be a better year for our country than 2018.

Fred Howes


Forced treatment

I wonder why Disability Rights North Carolina and the National Disability Rights Network choose to quibble about issues like transport of patients and ignore the larger and more severe problem of forced treatment of individuals labeled as mentally ill, something usually ignored by the medical and legal communities (“Police shouldn’t transport mental health patients,” Oct. 18).

Please note that both women who died in the tragic South Carolina incident had voluntarily sought treatment. It does not matter what your intent was once you are in the hospital emergency department. If you have any history of mental illness under current law, the chances of going home are practically nil.

I am a former employee of Disability Rights NC, so I know that the National Disability Rights Network is not the only civil rights group to dodge this issue. So has the ACLU and many others. However, it is long past the time to break the silence about coercion and forced medication in our nation.

Martha Brock


Tiny cars, tiny houses

We recently visited the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. It is amazing to think that the current desert was once a lush tropical forest. Imagine that: Major climate change (not just a degree or two) without Republicans, or mankind at all, to blame for it.

So who did it? Perhaps the God who created it all in the first place? Let’s let God be God, and stop pretending that little man is in control of the global climate.

Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio and company’s phony concern for climate change is only a means to the end of getting more of our tax money and more control of our lives. They want the rest of us to ride in tiny cars and live in tiny houses while they ride in limos and jets and live in mansions.

Think it over. Think for yourself. And don’t buy what they are selling.

James Andrews

Siler City

Absentee vote

The perfect solution to those who find getting a photo ID to vote to be a hardship: vote absentee through the mail. Call the Board of Elections. They send a ballot to your house. Fill it out. Have two witnesses sign it. Mail it in. All that is needed is a Social Security number. Problem solved.

Annie Jenkins