Letters: It’s time to move on from the Voter ID conversation.

A sign tells voters a photo ID is not required as hundreds  come out on the first day of early voting at the Hope Mills Recreation Center in Hope Mills on Oct. 20, 2016.
A sign tells voters a photo ID is not required as hundreds come out on the first day of early voting at the Hope Mills Recreation Center in Hope Mills on Oct. 20, 2016. The News & Observer

Is it time for NC Democrats to give up their fight against the voter ID requirement? We have had a statewide vote and 56 percent of the people voted in favor of an ID requirement. This same electorate voted overwhelmingly against the judicial vacancies and the NC Elections Board amendments to the North Carolina Constitution.

Clearly the electorate was not ill-informed on these issues, and it is doubtful that further efforts will change any minds about voter ID. Let’s be practical. If Democrats want to continue to gain strength in this state in 2020 and beyond, they have to get Independents to support their candidates and causes. There are far more votes to be had among the Independents (30 percent) than in the tiny pool of voters who might be disenfranchised by a voter ID law. In addition, I am pretty confident that with a concerted effort (in some cases a big effort) every citizen of North Carolina should be able to get an ID. Finally, if this goal were to be achieved, it might greatly benefit a number of people who currently don’t have IDs. For instance, they would be allowed to fly after 2020.

Tomas Baer

Chapel Hill

Wildfires and narcissism

The simple response by Trump to the massive fires in California shows how a simple narcissistic mind responds to a major crisis. It is not as if the California government does not know how to respond to wildfires. They have been doing so for decades and continue to upgrade their responses as best they can. They have an extremely diligent forest management program, they are changing building codes to require fire resistant materials in areas of high probability of fires, they are restricting or even eliminating building permits in areas of high probability for a fire, and the power companies are upgrading their power lines and stations to hopefully avoid the electrical spark that can start a fire. They know what they are doing.

Trump does not as he routinely shoots for the hip, I mean lip, without knowledge or fact, neither of which he sees as a deterrent. What cannot be controlled is climate change exasperated by human intervention, geography, and weather. These are what make small fires infernos and take countless lives. Just like he has been unsympathetic to our veterans this Veterans Day weekend so has he been unsympathetic to those who have lost their homes, businesses and loved ones as well as those who are battling the blazes in California.

David Pesapane


Notably fewer pages

The News & Observer ran an opinion piece Nov. 11 by Hillsborough novelist Jill McCorkle that ran 24 1/2 column inches (“This political chasm is getting broader. Let’s talk it out”). Given the perilous state of print journalism these days, I (who, when young and foolish, squandered his chance for an education in favor of a journalism degree) was moved to suggest a way to make better use of the notably fewer pages the N&O is now able to print.

My solution is condensation. You could have reduced by a factor of 50 McCorkle’s piece thusly: Why don’t you brainless bigots wise up and become flaming liberals like me?

See? Nothing to it. No charge.

Dale White

Chapel Hill

Women leading

As a pastor and a believer, it’s more than amazing that a day of prayer has not been called or initiated by our national faith leaders. With the onslaught of shootings, senseless violence, environmental disasters, racial and political discord/ tensions, why isn’t there any mention of prayer emanating from the halls of Congress, our pulpits and denominational and religious bodies?

Perhaps it’s not too much of a stretch to say our homes are not calling for prayer either. Communities who once believed in prayer and used it as basis for the fight for freedom and a better more harmonious life no longer value prayer. However, there are some studies that indicate more women than men pray daily. Perhaps, if there is to be a call for prayer (personally or nationally) women will lead the effort. In the meantime, whether we are of different racial, ethnic or religious origins, can we be little more nicer to one another? Can we say please, excuse me and have a nice day? Who knows it may spread. It’s worth a try.

Terence Leathers


Regulating scooters

Let me be sure I’ve got this right. Scooters are deemed to be dangerous and some people get hurt. So we should regulate them. So, what about guns?

Tom Rouse