Reconsider the photo voter ID amendment

Bladen County voter says her ballot was not turned in

Datesha Montgomery, 27, a voter in Elizabethtown in October, planned to vote absentee by mail but, before she could fill out the ballot, she got a knock on her door from someone who said they were going to take care of her ballot.
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Datesha Montgomery, 27, a voter in Elizabethtown in October, planned to vote absentee by mail but, before she could fill out the ballot, she got a knock on her door from someone who said they were going to take care of her ballot.

In light of the increasingly disturbing news from North Carolina’s 9th U.S. House District (“Wake DA looks into vote fraud in Bladen,” Dec. 4), I ask the General Assembly to put the new voter ID bill temporarily on hold. Since we may have an example of widespread voter fraud, the assembly should investigate precisely what happened and what measures could have prevented it.

Pushing through a voter ID law in an 11th-hour lame duck session without finding out whether it would have prevented actual voter fraud is not in accordance with the will of the people of North Carolina. Yes, the amendment passed, but the makeup of the legislature also changed. Let the voters have a say by waiting until the new legislature is seated. Prove that the court ruling (that the previous voter ID law was crafted with the intent of suppressing the African-American vote) is wrong by passing legislation that would actually prevent demonstrated voter fraud.

Protecting the integrity of our elections is important. Let’s be sure to get it right.

Rebecca Cary


Private funding

The proposal for disposing of the wrecked statue of Silent Sam is either a bad joke or a taxpayer ripoff. I strongly object to spending $5.3 million plus $800,000 every year to house the remains of a traitor. This isn’t history or culture. It’s expensive maliciousness.

How about giving the money to the students in the form of scholarships and work study grants? If the UNC Board of Governors goes along with the cowardly recommendation for this travesty, they had better find the money from private sources. Otherwise, there will be demonstrations, and not only by the students.

M. David Preston, DVM


Optional viewing

Here’s a simple solution to the Silent Sam dilemma. Crate it up, put a picture and a plaque on the crate giving it a social and historical context, and put it in an on campus warehouse or storage room. This keeps it at UNC-Chapel Hill, is a lot cheaper than a $5 million building and only those who want to “see” it will have to.

Ken Berger


Environmental legacy

As the country mourns the passing of George H. W. Bush, many are currently reflecting with fondness on aspects of his presidency. I keep thinking about his work on environmental issues. His administration signed into law the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments, which curtailed acid rain and improved air quality, as well as the Global Change Research Act of 1990, which stipulated a formal impact assessment of climate change on the United States every four years.

To him, threats to the environment were not partisan matters, but American ones that should concern us all. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, a recently introduced bill written by Republican and Democratic representatives, is just what he would have in mind. If passed, it would drive down carbon pollution over 10 years while being revenue neutral and creating 2.1 million jobs.

The best way to honor Bush’s legacy is by continuing his work. Let’s do this by passing the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

Matt Halvorsen


Protect Dix

The proposal by the consultants for the design of Dix Park calls for “Venture Capture” as part of the funding strategy for the park. This is camouflaged language for hiding that there will be retail development, hotels, condos, commercial development, in our park.

This was never part of the programmatic requests from the citizens of Raleigh. Dix 306 and all the concerned citizens fought long and hard to keep the Dorothea Dix campus free from development — and now it seems that it is creeping back in under the radar. We demand transparency.

Will Hooker, Co-chair of Dix 306


Proud representation

As a North Carolinian, I am extremely proud of former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole in front of President Bush’s casket this week. I know he had help to stand up and salute, but what a true patriot, humanitarian, and close friend.

Marty Ingram


Comedy fodder

So UNC-Chapel Hill is going to build a temple to honor Silent Sam. What comes next? Incantations and the burning of incense? How laughable. I look forward to what the late-night comics make of this.

Paul Grendler

Chapel Hill