1/2 Letters: I feel safer with the new scooter regulations.

Electric scooters in Raleigh and Charlotte’ are growing in popularity.
Electric scooters in Raleigh and Charlotte’ are growing in popularity. jsimmons@charlotteobserver.com

As a legally blind person I previously shared how I, along with others, felt unsafe as people were riding the electric scooters on Raleigh city sidewalks. Due to the Raleigh City Council taking appropriate action on this and other matters related to the scooters, I now feel safe again as I walk the sidewalks of our beautiful city. I wish to give a heartfelt thanks to the Raleigh City Council for voting to make our city safer.

Rev. Robert Parrish


Necessary changes

Recent climate-related news and reports over the past few months — most notably the National Climate Assessment — are a sobering reminder that climate change is happening now, it poses huge risks, and it’s caused by our actions. In NC, Hurricane Florence, the state’s second 500-year storm in three years, caused massive devastation to our downstream neighbors. Meanwhile, RDU just recorded the wettest year on record, a sign of the increased flooding and extreme weather.

It’s Raleigh’s responsibility to step up and take on the challenge of cleaning up our own climate pollution — the majority of which comes from transportation and buildings. Recent debates about granny flats, scooters, and road widening projects show that our biggest challenge will be thinking differently about our land use and transportation choices, which will require us to change.

Most importantly, rising to this challenge means embracing cozier communities by gently adding room for more neighbors in our neighborhoods, and prioritizing low carbon mobility options like buses, bikes, and scooters, and the infrastructure to support them.

These changes won’t be easy. But the good news is, if we do this right, we can also build a more affordable, equitable, and healthier city that benefits all of us for generations to come.

Nicole Stewart

Raleigh City Council member

No pay

I am a lifelong Democrat and my wife a lifelong Republican. One thing we are in total agreement is that during a shutdown of our government none of the members of the House or Senate should be paid. Not now or retroactively.

Regarding the president, no pay or use of Air Force One. This might be the motivation for our elected leaders to get serious about leading our country, not just posturing. Term limits wouldn’t hurt either.

Charlie Bruce


No enemy aid

Regarding the letter to the editor “Impeachable Offense,” I am also frustrated and disappointed in President Trump’s bombastic and often arrogant remarks and attitude and agree these are not impeachable offenses. But perhaps the author should have researched the legal standard for the charge of “giving aid and comfort to the enemy” before sighting that as an impeachable offense. Giving aid and comfort to the enemy requires that the US be engaged in a declared war with the “enemy.” Congress has not, to my knowledge, declared war against Russia, Iran or even ISIS. By the author’s logic, former President Obama is guilty of giving aid to the enemy by withdrawing from Iraq. As regrettable as President Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria is, it does not remotely meet the definition or legal standard of giving aid and comfort to the enemy. To suggest this is an impeachable offense frankly demonstrates ignorance of the law.

Scott Dillon


Quid pro quo

As the Trump shutdown plays out over the next few days here’s a way to determine whether he really wants his Wall or just prefers to have a political issue - watch to see if he offers anything of value to the other side. Last January, Democrats offered him the full $25 billion in wall funding in exchange for a DACA fix. Not only did he reject it, he refused to offer anything of substance in return.

He ran on “the wall” in 2016 and American voters rejected him by 3 million votes. He tried to make 2018 all about his immigration policies, and the voters gave him the largest midterm crushing in 40 years. The wall is polling in the low 30’s. And as of next week, he will need to compromise to get through both the Senate and the House.

Given all that he only gets his wall if he offers something major that the other side wants in return. Something like comprehensive immigration reform, for example.

So far he has literally offered nothing. Zip. Until he does, we can all rest assured he’s not serious about his wall... He’s just posturing politically to his rabid base.

Charlie Board