1/13 Letters: Immigration and the government shutdown

Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., left, and Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C.. (CAROLYN KASTER AP FILE PHOTO)
Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., left, and Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C.. (CAROLYN KASTER AP FILE PHOTO)

Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis must stand up to the president’s tantrums and tell Mitch McConnell they demand that he allow a vote to open the Government on the Senate floor now. NC has one of the largest percentages of Federal Employees in America, and the NC economy is being weakened by the President’s vanity.

The inability of our elected leaders in Washington to keep the federal government open is appalling. I am proud of my work as a federal employee to serve the country I love. Now that the government is partially shut down, federal workers nationwide are forced to stay at home and wait for the government to reopen.

Middle-class federal workers and their families are forced to stretch their pennies until the shutdown is over. Bills still arrive on time even if paychecks don’t, and many federal employees are being forced to make difficult financial decisions to make ends meet.

Our legislators in Congress need to stop playing political games with our government’s services and those who provide them. Bipartisan-supported appropriations legislation to reopen the government should not be held hostage until an agreement is reached over border security funding. Legislators and the president must reach consensus immediately, so committed federal employees across the nation and right here at home can earn their livelihoods and get back to work for our country.

Thomas Link


Legal immigration

I am very concerned about the issue of illegal Immigration and border security. I do not have an issue with people emigrating to our country, but it should be done legally. For years now, both parties have been kicking the immigration reform can down the road. The amounts spent on caring for illegal immigrants’ needs far outweigh the amount that is required for the reinforcement of our border.

Both the Republican and Democratic parties must work together with the president to accomplish this border reinforcement. In years past, Democrats have voted for and approved these improvements. What has happened to change this, other than a different president? Put the party politics aside, vote for the improved security needs, and then reform our immigration laws. Our congress members should do as they swore to do when they took office to protect and defend our Constitution and country.

D J Nelson


Immediate aid

We are more than angry that President Trump continues to push for a “wall” and is willing to shut down major portions of the government, unless he and his base are handed $5.6 billion dollars to protect us from a vaporous security crisis at the Mexican border. Meanwhile, thousands of our own citizens still wait for FEMA aid. How many families are living in temporary housing, lives completely turned upside down and in need of immediate help from our government? One has to wonder at the president’s inability to prioritize.

Think of how many people could be employed for $5.6 billion rebuilding destroyed buildings and infrastructure in California. Why can’t Congress put an end to this ridiculous political comedy and get on with Trump’s promise to “Make America Great Again,” even without him.

Barton and Sharon Holtz


Political issue

Both past Democratic Presidents Clinton and Obama wanted additional walls on the southern border, along with Sen. Schumer. But since Donald Trump ran on it, Speaker Pelosi and Schumer are against a Trump wall. Even though we need it more than back in 2006, when Democrats controlled Congress and couldn’t pass it.

This has been a political issue that neither side has corrected in the past, which affects the American public. We need to back ICE, have both parties come together for the good of the citizens, and build up the border now and not later.

Joseph John Rothengast


Earned respect

We had a wall in Berlin. It was meant to keep the East-Germans in. Did it work? Somewhat, because the guards would shoot to kill. They also used dogs. So Saint Ronnie said to Gorbachev, “Tear Down This Wall.” As an American president, he earned respect for saying this. President Trump has no respect from me, maybe he could try to earn some and forget the immoral wall.

Jack van Dijk


Privatize the wall

Privatize the building of a wall along our southern border instead of using taxpayer money. Donald J Trump, President and real estate mogul, can get financing from his friends in Russia, Saudi Arabia, China and the Deutsche Bank without using his own money. Investors should get a big tax break for investing in America. A $2 billion tax break for Trump’s friends is much smaller than $5.6 billion in taxpayer money.

Build castles every 50 miles along the wall. Each Trump Castle should resemble a Trump casino. Tolls could be required for all immigrants entering the US. Additional income could be generated by selling souvenir baseball hats that say, “Make America Great Again.”

This wall will be as effective as the Maginot Line in France or the Great Wall of China.

Leon Shargel


Shutdown alternative

I am a retired federal employee who was involved in the federal budget process. Even after receiving their annual appropriations from Congress, federal departments and agencies always have the option to request a supplemental appropriation, usually (but not always) for previously unanticipated needs.

In this light, Congress could now approve appropriations for the 8-9 Federal departments (including DHS), the shutdown would end, and then DHS could make a request to Congress, for a supplemental appropriation related to border security. This request would then be subject to congressional review and then a straight up-and-down vote would occur in both the House and Senate, if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell let such a vote occur in the Senate. This is the way our democracy is supposed to function.

Jim Witeck


Tourism dollars

Trash is building-up at our national parks, and it gets worse each day. I spent my holiday break on the Outer Banks, and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore was starting to look pretty shabby. Cars from various states were lined up along NC 158 because nobody could enter the Wright Brothers parking lot, and restrooms were closed all along the National Seashore.

That was at the onset of President Trump’s self-proclaimed shutdown. I ask our senators why their party is more concerned with obtaining money for a useless wall than it is with protecting North Carolina’s tourism dollars. When Trump fulfills his campaign promise of getting funding from Mexico, then he’ll have the money for his wall. Until then, why should our coastline, our tourism dollars and our bladders suffer? Open the government. Enough is enough.

Kathy Repass