7/24 Letters: Please, don’t move the Department of Health and Human Services out of Wake.

Monumental mistake

Any attempt to move the state Department of Health and Human Services out of Wake County will be a monumental mistake. Whose idea is this anyway ? DHHS has been a part of Wake County for well over 30 years. DHHS is as central a location that can be made as it delivers the services that come out of their offices. Every effort must be made to find a viable location in Wake County that can efficiently house DHHS. There is no need in moving this agency to an outside area simply because of “promises made.“

DHHS does not need to be placed outside of Wake County. The county is large enough to offer options that should suffice in the search for a new location. Gov. Roy Cooper and his staff must make every effort possible to make certain that DHHS remains in Wake County. Failure to do so is not an option.

Jerome Brown, Chairman, Wake County Voter Education


Needless entanglement

Virtually all of the articles on the Supreme Court’s gerrymandering decision criticize it as somehow a Republican victory and a cop out (conveniently ignoring the fact that one case benefited Republicans and one benefited Democrats). Constructing geographic voting districts for federal congressional purposes (and likely for state government purposes as well) is inherently a political decision and has been from the start.

Clearly, both cases before the Court were classic examples of extreme gerrymandering. I doubt if anyone, including the justices, thinks otherwise. But the next step in the judicial process is the problem — what “judicially discernible and manageable standard” can be formulated to resolve the issue not only in these cases, but, more importantly, all future cases. Courts simply must have a standard in order to reliably differentiate unconstitutional gerrymandering from merely political gerrymandering. Certainly, many standards have been suggested, but none were viewed as workable. That’s not to say that such a standard does not exist, simply that it has not yet been found. The decision is not a Republican victory, but admirable restraint by the court from needless entanglement in a political question better left to the state legislatures and voters to resolve.

William Conner


Back to NYC

East Carolina University is a state-run institution, and I am offended that my tax money was used to provide a forum for Trump’s redneck racists to spew their xenophobic venom. But, true to form, he at first said he tried to stop their “send her back” chants. That statement is demonstrably false. The next day he changed his story again! In the 1980’s Trump owned an apartment a few blocks from my building on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. No developer trusted him to tell the truth then, and no citizen can trust this mendacious menace to do so now. New York City is a great place to live. Come November of 2020, “send him back! send him back!”

Graham Marlette


Despicable positions

McClatchy’s North Carolina editorial board is so consumed by Trump Derangement Syndrome that they are blinded to facts. The Greenville crowd that chanted “Send her back!” about Rep. Ilhan Omar were not expressing the ubiquitous racism allegation, but rather disgust with her vile statements debasing this country and Israel, among so many other despicable positions. No editorial mention has been made about them, nor do I sadly expect any from the editorial board. “Send them back!” should also be said about the editorial writers — back to journalism school to learn about fair and balanced publishing, as often promised, but seldom delivered.

Your Trump rage prevents recognizing the most important fact about his presidency that has so benefited our nation – He ain’t Hillary. Rejoice!

Richard A. Robken

Rocky Mount

Sweet nostalgia

All the sweet nostalgia about the 50th anniversary of the moon landing leads to talk about new space missions. Nope! Fifty years ago, we made our rich folks and corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. Not anymore, and the borrow-and-spend Republicans have rung up $22 trillion in national debt. We can’t even afford to fix our crumbling infrastructure, so moon mission? Fuggeddit!

M. B. Hardy


Medicaid expansion

Who are those “able-bodied adults between the ages of 18 and 50” that are not able to get government assistance?

Could be your son or daughter who is going to community college part-time and working part time. Or your neighbor who is working 30 hours a week but can’t get insurance because their work won’t give them a full-time position. Or they graduated and have not yet found a job.

Hmm, that could be my kid. (Why yes it has been, at various points in his life).

Janice Woychik

Chapel Hill