9/25 Letters: Trump is a growing cancer, but his sycophants care only about re-election

GOP abetting Trump

Donald Trump has brought personal and political corruption to a new level — a level that would ensure significant jail time were he not president of the United States.

His Republican supporters are abetting this behavior by either blindly following his orders or keeping silent so that their re-election won’t be jeopardized.

I am speaking of the unqualified Cabinet appointees who are for the most part ex-lobbyists and sycophants who will do anything to stay in power, and of the Republican congressmen and women who care more for re-election than their mandate to serve the people. Unfortunately, I include among them N.C. Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis.

It is time we realize that Trump poses a major threat to constitutional democracy and has become a growing cancer on our country’s international relations.

He must be expelled from office either through impeachment or by constitutional election.

Joe Lyons, Burlington

‘Impeachment BS’

I am sick and tired of hearing , reading and watching Democratic liberals constantly threatening President Trump since the day he was inaugurated as the legitimately elected president.

Stop all this BS and draw up the articles of impeachment. Let us all see them and let Trump’s legal team prep to respond.

By the way, what have liberal Democrats done for the country? Nothing. Start representing the people.

William Klotz, Cary

Burr’s silence

As the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, does it not bother Sen. Richard Burr that the president considers himself above the law?

Donald Trump tried to extort Ukraine and engaged in conspiracy with Rudy Giuliani to violate federal election law.

Sen. Mitt Romney is the only Republican speaking out about this. By his silence, Burr obviously condones this behavior.

How low does this man have to go before Republicans try to stop him? Obviously we’re not down to the bottom of the barrel yet, and I shudder to think what that will bring.

The United States is the laughingstock of the world right now, and Burr is complicit because of his non-actions.

Ellen Morrison, Morrisville

DMV must fix this

Regarding “The summertime lines at the North Carolina DMV weren’t as long this year. Here’s why.” (Sept. 23):

I commend DMV for its efforts to shorten wait lines. However, there is no web-based appointment system.

Earlier this month when my husband and I wanted to to make an appointment to get our REAL IDs, we called the N.C. DMV Customer Contact Center number, as instructed. The phone rang many times with no response, so we gave up and went to the local DMV office in Durham where we bypassed the line and spoke with someone to make the appointment.

The first available appointments were in January. A friend found a similar four-month delay recently when seeking an appointment in Orange County.

An appointment system is a great first step. Now, let’s make it easier to actually make an appointment.

Margaret McCann, Chapel Hill

NC WARN is right

Regarding “Duke Energy pledges zero carbon emissions by 2050,” (Sept. 18)

NC WARN was correct in calling Duke Energy’s claims “smoke and mirrors.”

One example of “smoke” is the false claim that switching from coal to natural gas power generation is significant. The heat trapping power of natural gas (methane) from leaks in drilling and pipelines is 34 times more potent than the heat trapping power of CO2 from burning coal.

One example of “mirrors” is the ludicrous claim that Duke’s goal of reducing greenhouse gases by 40 percent by the year 2030 is significant because this 40 percent is calculated from a baseline year of 2005. Since Duke reports that it has already decreased carbon emission levels 31 percent since 2005, the new target reduction of 9 percent from today’s baseline is dismally small.

Finally, Duke Energy claims of commitment to reduce greenhouse gases do not mention the heat trapping power of methane gas at all.

NC WARN, thanks for keeping Duke’s feet to the fire.

Dan W. Figgins, Knightdale

Solar rooftops

Government organizations must lead the way in renewable energy by installing solar photovoltaic systems on all public building rooftops.

The large roof areas of school buildings provide an ideal location for solar PV systems. Government parking lots are an ideal place for solar canopies that provide shade for cars while supporting solar PV systems.

Now is the time to show the world that we care for the future.

Bill Jensen, Apex