For calories, and tradition


Call it the invasion of the “foodies.” Those are the people willing to try anything in the culinary arts, the more obscure and unusual the better.

Today, we sound the alarm for Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler, the man who runs the N.C. State Fair, now going in Raleigh. Commish, as we call him, needs to review the always attention-getting “new food” at the fair. Now usually, the offerings include things like deep-fried Snickers bars, or deep-fried Twinkies, or deep-fried ice cream. You get the picture: Southern fare a mother wouldn’t let her kids eat (though a grandpa would) and a cardiologist would say should come with a side of ambulance. Nevertheless, what, really is a North Carolina State Fair without deep fryers every 30 feet?

As evidence, consider that this year, the media food-sampling lunch included new items such as crab dip, Low Country boil and crab cake fritters and shrimp bites. There were some deep fried crab claws, but by golly, that’s still seafood, the healthy protein. There were not, at the lunch, deep fried candy bars but rather Phoenician fish and chips.

What’s next, Commish? No cotton candy? No candy apples? Will the incomparable ice cream people from N.C. State be told to limit themselves to nonfat yogurt and no-sugar-added vanilla?

Really now, do we want our out-of-state visitors to go home and say, “That N.C. State Fair — not a deep-fried Snickers in the whole place.”

Personally, we think it may all be connected to HB2.